Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jordan Maxwell The Naked Truth Religion Debut Capture


Jordan Maxwell and his colleagues (Open Mind ABC Radio Host) Bill Jenkins and Derek Partridge as they compare the Bible with ancient texts from different cultures in order to uncover The Naked Truth that is the basis for our modern religions.
The Naked Truth (Jordan Maxwell, Bill Jenkins & Derek Partridge)

Chrishna of India (Krishna), 1200 B.C.
Thammuz (Tammuz) of Syria, 1160 B. C.
Atys (Attis) of Phrygia, 1170 B. C.
Hesus or Eros (Esus), 834 B. C.
Alcestos (Alcestis) of Euripides, 600 B. C.
Budha Sakia of India, 600 B. C.
Mithra (Mitra) of Persia, 600 B. C.
Iao of Nepaul, 622 B. C.
Bali of Orissa, 725 B. C.
Indra of Thibet, 725 B. C.
Thulis of Egypt, 1700 B. C.
Crite of Chaldea, 1200 B. C.
Quexalcote of Mexico, 587 B. C.
Prometheus or Æschylus of Caucasus, 547 B.C.
Wittoba (Vithoba) of the Bilingonese, 552 B. C.
Quirinus of Rome, 506 B. C.
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Jordan Maxwell Inner World of the Occult

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Debut Capture

the Saturn archive by zosojb

look into this info by Julian Petkov
The "Sons of Gods" are the Hellenic sailors who landed on (fell) on the shores of North Africa and the Levant. The religious name of Greece is 'Ellas' or the Anglicised 'Hellas'. They were only "Sons" because the "Gods" who created them were people from another nationality. The Minoans created both the Hellenes and the Hebrews. The Minoan OT, right from the start gives a hint that the creators of this realm are Humans - not gods! There is no higher god than man, and there is no worse a demon than man.

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