Friday, July 7, 2017

Reptilian & Archon "Loosh" Feeding (Negative Energy Parasites)


In this video I go over and give a lecture on reptilian/archontic "Loosh" feeding, and what is and how the reptilians feed off if. I also go over how it has been used in ancient times and in modern times with such things as technology/ music/ and even social media.

Loosh is negative humans emotions/hate /greed /lust/ racism, and many other human emotions we are being manipulated to engage in by such things as politics and social movements, wars, and even false flag attacks.

I also show how its being used for example to divide the world over the recent election of President Trump, a pre-planned act of chaos in social media and news to divide and distract people.

I cover a lot in the video on the subject....


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