Monday, July 24, 2017

Seeing through the Cloned Mirror Reality Matrix


This segment continues from our last video, discussing Spiritual Sovereignty, breaking agreements of entrapment, the nefarious architect agendas and various set ups designed to continue robbing one of the ability to Emancipate one's self from the increasing snares in planned adversarial operation.

With the Universal energies taking place and the veils thinning, the Spirit Guard is removing itself from Earth and it’s people. As a result we are witnessing more accidents as well as seeing the immediate manifestation of what an individual is manifesting through their ‘imposter' manifesting self.

The physical result of the Waves and the new particles they are bringing are also making it more clear what that manifestation is in the collective consciousness, thus creating two nuclei that are beginning to split apart in what are the two states of ‘reality’- one positive and one negative.

These energies essentially are releasing ‘hell on Earth’, or shall I say releasing the ‘hells’ that humanity has co-created, both collectively and individually. What was once guarded and protected so that the individual would be shielded from the principalities are now wide open, and that which was typically able to be suppressed within is now relentlessly being torn open. These energies are exposing the true nature of the 'shadows' that have until now been successfully able to hide within the duality mirror reality systems.

Such is causing a great deal of instability, anxiousness, as with the advent of these new particles comes the acute awareness of all that has until now not been allowed to surface. These energies are amplifying everything that each individual has been carrying, whether secretly or in plain sight. The aspects of Jekyll and Hyde are both being exposed, and what ever hidden proclivities are all being amplified- for the better or the worse.

Everything hidden must be revealed with the Convergences of the Event Horizon, and this is driving some people to a state of fear and for some hopelessness. Nothing could be further from the truth in what and how these Infini-verse energies are doing.

For those experiencing the negative aspects of what is being exposed and feeling powerless in the terror associated with the feelings of being lost within that negative polarity, some are experiencing suicide ideations, hopelessness, terror of the 'second Death', or rather the Death of the ‘Soul’! These are in actuality the projections of the psychic parasitic viruses and their terror of extinction. These ‘terrors’ are in origin from the parasites, entities, archons and lower astral beings themselves and allow me to stress, NOT from the individual!

The ability to discern between the projections of these entities and what are your own thoughts and feelings are two distinct things. It is imperative that people begin to discern the energies that are the ‘invaders’ vs what are not!

It is the psychic parasitic entities that are the ones whom are experiencing terror of their own true demise for all time- the real and true second death, and it is ‘their’ projections that people are feeling in what is the Greatest Event known to the entire INFINIVERSE in the Event Horizon. For humanity, this is the greatest opportunity to evolve and return to Original Source Creation, and with this opportunity comes the chance to transmute with complete consciousness, the Shadow Imposter creation with the Highest of ones’ Evolutionary state. It is the opportunity to come face to face with everything hidden that has been the imposter influence on one’s entire Creation.

This is the opportunity to see that which has attached itself onto one’s shadow consciousness and created the false realities many have been living- whether in attempts to hide those shadows, or in the creation of imposter realities - LL

The wide and expansive sophisticated targeting systems can be repelled by SPIRIT, to not be overcome by negative geared infiltration and transmutation! The war is moreso hidden/covert, until the point of more obvious facets of manifestation in generations long mind/body/soul manipulations.

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