Sunday, July 2, 2017

Strange Information, Twin Universes, Cosmic-Collective Synchronization


Strange Information, Twin Universes, The TimeGate (Cosmic-Collective Synchronization)

This world is the extension of a dreamtime.

The relation of the dreamtime to this world is like a timeshare. When our time share is complete then another family experiences this reality.

The two universal families share this reality.

This seems like a duality because our minds are inherently linked to the operation of the physical universe. They are tethered here, while the spirit is tethered to a central core that everything is tethered to.

The core is non-dual and the refinement of each individual or collective is polarized according to their particular format for life and consciousness (the 'beginning' for them).

The timeshare, cosmic family duality is actually mental. Both are occurring simultaneously and it is the alternate frame-rate or rate of consciousness of either family that determines what reality one sees.

This is similar to a light bulb or monitor emitting light at an amount of cycles per second. That light is actually on and off 50% of the time in alternation. If we could see everything, we would see a light on and off, not what we see now.

The particular inability to see what is there which is determined by our maximal capacity of the operation of the mechanism of the eyes and the brain (the apparatus) limits us to just seeing one or the other. The computer or lightbulb mechanism occurs slow enough to see the images on screen or the light, however the blip of darkness occurs too fast for us to be able to acknowledge.

Thus, to each family, the other side is the blip of darkness on the screen or in the room that happens so fast in between each cycle or the hertz, cycles per second of the lightbulb or the monitor flashing that it's not noticeable unless someone looks into the mechanism of the physical apparatus, the brain, body, electricity and lightbulb to understand how it works.

Thus, the entire other world is not some other universe, it is overlayed in this place however a different frequency or rate of consciousness is required to decipher the occurrence from the background noise of the universe or the darkness of the absence of any emissions.

The funny thing is that there might not be any such thing as 'darkness', or 'absence of emissions', XD XD XD

The 'background noise' or 'junk DNA' of the universe might actually be 100% entirely information saturated with the experiences and interactions of other realities! XD XD XD This is what the experiments show.

We are not only not alone, but there is no such thing as "alone" and never was, it's impossible! There are only huge arenas of life extending in all directions simply alternating in different spectrums or ratios, or wavelengths and frequencies.

Some realities are encoded and this is very active. This is not the subject of this talk though.

The primary subject is that the humans who ventured into these parallels become 'travellers' who have messages for humanity to secure our place however there is a kind of warfare over spiritual development and truth and this threatens our continuity as a civilization and species.

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