Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Designed for targeted individuals to reduce/eliminate electronic harassment. Why go to v2.0 when we can go all the way to v3.0! THe newest version of our Frequency Disruptor is backed by a brownian noise (similar to the sound coming from a fan or an air duct) for easier listening. This audio is designed to scatter frequencies being sent to T.I.'s, or Targeted Individuals. We recommend one to two sessions everyday until symptoms begin to reduce or return to normal, then you can listen once a day. Noticeable reduction in symptoms will be less painful jolts to the brain, brain fogginess dissipating, less negative voices and thoughts in the mind, less tingling in hands and feet, less ringing in the ears, less bright lights appearing as you fall asleep, less glowing objects seen on occasion, regaining energy, reduction in dizziness, regaining balance, less intense headaches, a normal heart beat, and more. This audio will disrupt frequencies being sent to you via cell phone towers, computers, televisions, radios, satellites, and voice beaming scopes. You can listen via headphones or play on normal speakers. Will scatter frequencies up to a 150 foot radius.

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