Saturday, July 15, 2017

Terra-rium PlanET: Seeing through the Cloned Mirror Reality Matrix Pt1


Terra- the Latin name for Earth.

Terrarium- 1. an enclosure for keeping small land animals
2. a glass container, often a globe, in which plants are grown
(Collins Dictionary)

This video covers the 'Hidden master architects' and the mechanisms of their artificial inverted artifices upon this earth's generated quantum matrix system.

The 'game' and 'farming' structure upon this plane has everything to do with soul and Spirit harvesting, by which the Truth must be allowed in amongst the myriad of deceits upon the will to entrap and retain one's Essence in form of bondage.

The second part of discussion covers personal accounts pertaining to the cloning arena and confirming the advent of 'celebrity cloning centers' based on personal experiences, including Lauda meeting her own clone face to face decades ago.

President Bush’s Speech on Cloning:
"Human cloning is the laboratory production of individuals who are genetically identical to another human being. Cloning is achieved by putting the genetic material from a donor into a woman’s egg, which has had its nucleus removed. As a result, the new or cloned embryo is an identical copy of only the donor. Human cloning has moved from science fiction into science.

One biotech company has already began producing embryonic human clones for research purposes. Chinese scientists have derived stem cells from cloned embryos created by combining human DNA and rabbit eggs. Others have announced plans to produce cloned children, despite the fact that laboratory cloning of animals has lead to spontaneous abortions and terrible, terrible abnormalities."

These activities have gone on far far longer than has been publicly released.

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