Friday, July 14, 2017

The Civilization Simulation


WW2 occurred due to the changing power structure as the result of different nations coming into the knowledge of the methods of manifesting change within this civilization through utilizing advanced technology to alter the minds of the masses.

The 'global simulation' (surveillance) began in the 1940's. This continued into the 1980's where the modifications to the timeline resulted in near collapses which then lead to collapses in 1996 and 1998-1999. Then in the 2000's there were near collapses while 9/11 was an event to re-encode the mass mind to synchronize with the projected trajectory to lead out of the continuing collapses.

Because of these collapses, the amount of energy required to correct the system and ensure continuity was increasing while the information available was decreasing, this is a quantum collapse.

With the use of the advanced technology a superpower can pause time, alter events of history, reset time and influence the collective mind effectively turning this reality into a Truman show.

The goal is to leave the simulated, continued resets and achieve liberation into 'true time', or 'organic time' which is not manipulated based on limitations and scarcity to starve the people.

Liberation from the illusory time is liberation from the ego, false time, the shadow, duality, the material prison, fear, addiction, pain, and death.

To achieve this a new timeline has been written and must be completed in one complete experience from a continuous start to finish and solidify this into the larger universe which will not reject a completed version. The partial versions work until we want to leave the illusory or artificial time which is not possible unless there is a completed version to finalize our civilization's existence into actual time. Otherwise, the memories would all jumble and we would mentally dissolve.

This is all controlled and carried out by forces seeking to achieve liberation although there are groups who resist and intend to enslave humanity through mind wiping and programming.

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