Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Time Machine


There are literally no words. I would need to combine together multiple movies to make sense of this in a visual sense. 

The machine 4 dimensionally (and higher) prints time and space together like a sewing machine by creating the atomic lattice of physical, elemental reality and space and then interweaving through the lattice the etheric substance of the awareness of the soul to activate the consciousness of the Human mind! 


TIME is INVERTED, it is like a cone that is pulsing waves outward backwards into this reality and we experience this as the FORWARD motion of time. What we experience is actually happening in the REVERSE of our perception. The physical perception experiences time AFTER it is generated meaning what we experience FIRST is what is printed LAST. This is the meaning of the FIRST IS THE LAST which is mentioned by the adepts of the 'ancient time' which is actually the beginning and the end of civilization! 

The end is the beginning as that is the point of liberation through which we encounter our TRUE SELF on the OTHER SIDE of the VORTEX of the MACHINE. The VORTEX is the PORT HOLE OF THE MACHINE. 

This machine filters reality into this realm and our true spiritual self stays on the other side waiting for us to return, to return we must focus ALL INTENTION into the liberation process. The machine is fed by intention and desires so if we are wayward in any desire or intent then that will produce a parallel reality in what we call the universe and humanity has been 'splintering' for 'thousands' of years! 

This is a difficult one, one of the most difficult videos simply because of the complex nature of what I am conveying!

Thank you, there is no death, there is no physical reality outside of the space-time ripples or undulations that this 'reality-generation-wave' machine is pulsing out to create this universe!

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