Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Work and Why We Do It


Foundational Concepts:

Activation Psychology:

Vimeo Videos on Emotions:

The Law of Reciprocity (moving backwards and forwards)

What you are will be mirrored back to you.
In terms of energetic settings, our energy system is a tool to detect and work with the energies, we need to clear out.
What is around us, and what attracts our attention, are a reflection of our higher leveled and lower leveled energies, code streams and hidden memories (which are energies), we yet have to learn to master or cleanse out, and complete the developmental process of.
People in our lives, our surroundings, our job, the way we make a living, what we experience and sense, what we perceive inner and outer, are all reflections of our energy system and an invitation to either learn to master that energy, and if we are done with that process, clear it out and move on into the next layers of our energy system to be worked with.

This is the original law that was turned into the concept of karma.

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