Saturday, July 29, 2017

Threatened For Exposing this Message + more Alien Contact, Sophia and the Veils of Deception

This video contains two segments..The message that resulted in both online censorship and my email being hacked in a sophisticated manner to deliver threat in response...The second segment discusses the Sophia 'false light' aspect, Alien contact, 'mystery schools' and more on the set ups against humankind. *Audio is out of synch for two mins around the 16 min mark. Apologies for that- GL Brotherhoods, cults, religions, legions, initiation schools- the passed down meta sciences from the Watchers/fallen. This ancient hidden knowledge has been given to mankind in part to help remember, however the hijacking agendas subverted all of the original data that would have been the Original Map for huwomankind. Once the"Fallen/Annunaki/Watchers/Reptilians/Drakks/Mantids/ Insectoids/Vrill/Demiurge/Archons/ARKS/Angels/Shining Ones/Aeons/Leviathan/Inverse Magicians/Architects/" (list goes on) hybridization project began and the bloodlines were intercepted, counterfeit inverted systems began to invade hu-womanity like a psychic invading force. Today we are left with these inverted versions that are counterfeits of past counterfeits unto the beginning of the first counterfeit. The pervasive invasion has lost true account of even it's origin and hence teaches it's own counterfeits passed off as the Ancient Knowledge. In a full transparency, we would all see that a world without it's mind/gnosis/memory cannot possibly retain such 'memory' unless it is the counterfeit versions', that is deeply embedded within the cellular codes of our soul memories (not Spirit) in the hijacking of our own Consciousness. We do not judge those that feel that their path must go through such 'schools', though ultimately we must always follow our own Spirit, no matter what that journey looks like. Both negative and positive experiences are here for our growth, memory, Integration, and our return to Origin, so there are no mistakes in what we choose for ourselves in the Great Journey of Experience. Even our delusions, illusions, deceptions and inceptions Allow the opportunity for Evolution, should we choose to follow through this experience with Consciousness and lucid accountability, responsibility, with the determination follow it through unto the 'end' of dismantling the lies from within and without, the macro and the micro sub world's of all the realities we have created and co-created. Every lie that we have ever chosen to believe and chase will be exposed for what it is, including that which it has built within each of our constructs. All lies will be revealed as the veils melt from the fabric of all that we have created in the Separation of the separation and the convergence, with the Splitting of the two forms-the Old Earth and the New Earth. On Sophia and the inverted reality overlay (on top) of the Inner inverted reality (the inside world), I can only express that I am uncertain whom revealed the imparting. What it felt like to me was an energy that felt similar to 'mine', albeit in a Higher form and outside of time or temporal manipulations- LL

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