Sunday, July 2, 2017

TWIN PEAKS Season 3 Hidden Occult Meaning Decoded Pt 1


The return of Twin Peaks is turning out to mystify audiences even more than the original series or Fire Walk With Me. In a recent article, I detailed how Fire Walk With Me was the key to decoding the new series, but now we have new layers of esoterica piled on, all ripe for decoding. As the series has progressed through 8 new episodes, instead of clarifications, we are seeing more abstractions; instead of answers, more questions. However, for those aware of my analyses of other Lynch films and the arcane arcana of what we often discuss at JaysAnalysis, the 8 new installments can be decoded.

Most fans are aware of Lynch’s interests in eastern thought and meditation, but as I have noted, the series blends several mythologies and religious motifs, including shamanic traditions, Native American mythology, biblical demonology and apocalyptics, Tibetan Buddhism, Masonic philosophy and the more arcane aspects of Crowleyanism and theosophy. In the midst of this menagerie, a vivid kaleidoscope of surrealism, film noir, absurdism and classic Hollywood Americana all make their presence felt. Once again, I will seek to merge all of these influences into a coherent picture that also incorporates images and inspirations from many of Lynch’s other films (if this is new to you, see the extremely popular original analysis here):

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