Thursday, July 6, 2017

UN ID Verification Partner Upgrades to Blockchain Interface, Pays Millions of Refugees


A technology company involved in the UN’s blockchain trials has expanded its work with the tech through its aid-focused payments platform.

As reported by Altcoin Today, IrisGuard’s technology was utilized by the UN to verify the identity of refugees in Jordan who, as part of the test, were awarded financial aid through an ethereum-based payment platform. Late last month, IrisGuard announced that its EyePay platform, aimed at facilitating trusted payments, had been upgraded to interface with blockchain-based networks more easily like the one deployed in the Jordan test.

According to a release from IrisGuard, the company has helped the UN enroll over 2.3 million refugees from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria using EyePay.

Imad Malhas, the company’s founder, and CEO said in a statement:

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