Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Update on Arrest of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

 Set time for court hearing with a Judge

 lisa shannon:

<<< Greetings Everyone
Here is an update from Youssef
He just spoke to Missy – Heather’s sister in Washington state.  Missy called and spoke to a nice woman at the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Dept – which is where Heather is currently.
One of the reasons there is no data available online regarding her arrest is ” because she has not been cooperative in signing any documents”. (of course)
The DC Police woman told Missy that at some point today – Heather will be transferred to DC Central where she will spend the night.
Then – at 7:30 tomorrow morning – she will be transported to the D.C. Court house located at 500 Indiana Avenue NW Washington DC 20001 and is supposed to appear in front of a judge around noon or 1:00 PM.
Both Youssef and Bill will be present at the courthouse. As soon as I get a recommendation for a lawyer – they will have this data. (hearthands)
[6:40:45 AM] Terran/AK: 1Pm hearing room C310

Neil Wolfe- I will be heading up to the courthouse this morning around 10AM or so to have my supporting presence felt by HATJ and her lawless kidnappers –
I may do a little live streaming on Periscope in case anyone was interested in following to receive updates if I have any- my Periscope handle is TheLightReports-
may want to set alerts if I broadcast anything and you want to see it live.
Typically I will also post the Periscope video to my Twitter account after a broadcast-
Twitter handle is @TheLightReports If anyone else is going and would like to connect feel free to text or call 703-989-1001.

Neil Wolfe
Submitted on 2017/07/26 at 9:43 am
Brief telephone conversation with Agent Hartman – he asserts he was not an arresting agent yet he was at the hotel during the arrest- he refused to divulge the charges and hung up ……..  

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