Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Chaos Magic, Portals and the architects of the Great Deception: Transcending the Game


Given the scope of the many deceptions currently 'in play', there is danger and warning unto those whom choose not apply their own able Mind in Recognition and Re-Membrance. The spells of suppression are meant to be broken through, or risk being harnessed and bound by forces not serving the cause of our individual evolution. There is nothing new under the sun as the prison matrix wheel continues to revolve.

This October 2016 discussion is just a brief overview of pertinent matters that will be further expanded upon in due course, yet still vital in its content throughout this unplanned and spontaneous recording.

Edit to add: Three sparrows arrived and announced themselves loudly at our doorstep within a minute of uploading this video. We like to take that as a positive omen given we are aware of the controversial nature and serious scope of this message.

Footnote: Just one example highlighted below of illicit drug use leading to horrible invasion with less protections now in place than previously. The common theme in such shocking acts is the lack of memory often associated following them. Such is due to the person not being in control of their vehicle at the time, literally 'out of their mind', or in the back seat with another force steering to destructive ends.

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