Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville: Still Falling For The Same Shit.....AGAIN?

Divide and conquer, what a beautiful game. And after thousands of years, it is still so effective, because people fall for the same nonsense again and again and....

Do you still not comprehend that this one of the ways how they control the masses? Everybody gets riled up against another group, mission accomplished, job done. The peasants fell for the shit again, fighting over pigmentation and ideologies. They still think their fellow man is their enemy, while we turned all of them into slaves.

Even if you are not out there actively participating in the demonstrations, you are still giving it energy by being glued to the TV set or the youtube feed, trying to get a hand on every single clip.


Yes, you can be aware of it, but that does not mean you need to get an update every five minutes. There is a difference between being aware of the abyss and staring into it. So, don't stare into it and get hypnotized by their sick games.

Chances are, your thoughts and emotions will get riled up as well and are jumping all over the place. What a great day for Loosh harvesting.
Yes, whether we like it or not, there are entities that feed on our emotions, we just served them a huge buffet by staring at it and getting riled up.

All these events serve multiple purposes. Detach from the programming, don't give it energy because they will go to great length to prevent the one thing that they fear the most, that you figure out who and what you really are. Collective consciousness works both ways, it can work for our demise or it can be used to manifest something beautiful and let the control grid crumble away. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions and don't give your power and energy away by rallying behind a politician, a religion, an ideology or what have you. It is all part of the matrix game.

Here is a video that addresses this divide and conquer game. It does not really matter whether these events have to do with the TDA accounts or not. The outcome is the same, split up the peasants and keep ruling and enslaving them.

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