Saturday, August 5, 2017

James Casbolt Death Threat in Jail


1 year after James Casbolt was moved to a jail in Wiltshire, and with serious issues now at the prison, Casbolt wished a letter describing what has been going on, released. His most recent cell mate was the just released "Marine A" from 42 Commando. But his first cell mate was a man from Bristol with access to Harwell labs and GCHQ with a High Security Clearance. That man's crime had done to be in jail was leaked, which led to a serious situation. (The man had also been on TV, 24hrs in Police Custody) James sent me a letter he wanted to be made public. It involves a threat to kill him.
This is in the light of an online remark involving a former contributor to Bases, sheds light on a possible plot to kill off Casbolt before his release due in 2019, in around 18 months.

The letter is read in entirety and sections shown on screen. The name of the individual who SEEMS to have back door access to a possible plot on Casbolt, and the one involving Max Spiers and the three attempts on Miles is edited out.

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