Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ra Castaldo and Lauda Leon: Apocalypse of the Metal God

Ra Castaldo:
Lauda Leon:

We discuss A.I./Black Magic, the apocalypse, and the fear culture; a material plane trap hijacked by dark energies; the gathering together
of like minds is a pre-ordained by past-life soul contracts and groups. 
How A.I. is constructing a "body" via the human energetics via machine intelligence, i.e.-The Metal God. Plasma, the cloud, nanotech, A.I., and heavy metals, sugar and genetically engineered "food" all ingredients of this synthetic alchemy. 

Children of technology: the generation born into the technological era; Biblical prophecy and the "Plan", the script for the "end times" as an A.I. singularity; coming back into our bodies, physicality, and not allowing inertia to build a stasis where the "bot" can build; Light and darkness as equal parts of the consciousness; darkness (the Deep) as the point of creation; The Word and the Void as emergence of physical creation; the inverse "universe" dark world that emerged out of a shift that began several years ago; the two suns in the sun/moon matrix, a projection system; the Eclipse as a scripted event; the Mandela Effect, a shifting range of probable realities. 

Continual re-animation of the earth populace; the population of the earth is much smaller, in terms of actual spirit beings; that the 7 billion population is a myth---there are a very small amount of "living souls", that the majority are bots, walk-ons, and software simulations that populate the reality "production". The "membrane"/memory of water, which is the actual portal to "space"; the engineered populace with psychopathy gene; The zero point of population, the "Zombie" meme, "already dead"; pre-life targeting. insertion of the soul/spirit into a "perfect drop" life/family, the energy signature retained in our "names" as a surety on the spiritual escrow; the five bodies used as project realities; the spiritual blueprint; the potential emanations now converging into one reality stream...and .lots of nested concepts...

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