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The Genesis 6 Conspiracy

Ancient Cataclysm And Lost High Technology At Tanis in Egypt

Council Tax - From Start to Finish - Part 1


Ola, we're gonna give councils a run for their [our] money, and here is part 1 of the series which will show you how I deal with council tax, and or related expenditures - eg spare bedroom tax and so on. The first few parts will be up for general viewing on YouTube. The juicy stuff will only be available to Insiders over on the You And Your Cash website To join the Insiders, simply visit the homepage, and click the button in the banner - it's FREE! Then visit the "My Library" section of the site and you will find a whole host of downloads and info which is available only to Insiders and is not for public dissemination enjoy spaniard x PS: ever wondered why it's called DHP - Discretionary Housing Payment? Discretionary as in Discretionary Trust. You all put in, they act as Trustee(s), then they decide whether you, in your CORPORATE CAPACITY, receives any benefits! Please Read the Full Notes: To gain the most from our videos, please watch from start to finish; we trust you will be entertained. If we have included well-known songs, by popular artists, and or clips from Hollywood blockbusters, please note that we do not own the copyright to said masterpieces. We’ve included them because love them, and encourage everyone to buy the tune/or DVD of the artist featured. This channel is not monetized, and we do not charge for promoting artistic genius. WhiteRabbitTrust and WhiteRabbitJediAcademy You-Tube Channels, should not be confused, with other Channels using the term ‘White Rabbit’. How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work The Wolf of Wall Street – It Doesn’t Exist The Hidden Power of Attorney in Your Mortgage Land Registry The System doesn’t Exist – It’s all an Act Please subscribe to the: WhiteRabbitTrust (YouTube Channel), and the: YouAndYourCash (Your Tube Channel) and please encourage your friends and family to do likewise.

Meet Fawn

Talking Dark Politics and the Imagination | Gary Lachman


This week, Gary Lachman returns to the show to discuss his two latest books, Lost Knowledge of the Imagination and Dark Star Rising. In this wide-ranging chat, we cover the Socratic Turn, how the west abandoned the imagination, how we might recover it and what happens in world politics if we pretend it isn't there.

Eruptions Getting Stronger, Coronal Hole | S0 News May.31.2018

Order Followers - The Universe Doesn't Care For Your Excuses

Russian Airline Shuts Down After Deadly Crash Near Moscow

How To Make Hasselback Roasted Vegetable Recipe

The Even Older Plan for World Gov't You've Never Heard Of


Roosevelt, Edith K. “Little Known World Parliament Group Pushes Along” Tallahassee Democrat, Sun, Oct 7, 1962

5 Things for America to Ignore While Arguing About Roseanne Barr

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) The internet has been swamped with frenzied articles, posts, and social media wars over Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets and ABC’s subsequent cancellation of her recently rebooted show. People are squabbling over her right to free speech, the network’s right to cancel the show, and the hypocrisy of right-wingers backing Roseanne’s right to free speech while they deny the right of NFL players to allegedly disrespect their special national song and piece of cloth.
Meanwhile, the U.S. government’s inane and depraved brutality and incompetence continue unabated, regardless of how triggered its subjects are over a famous pill popper.
Here is a sampling of things that are of more consequence to humanity than a crazy celebrity’s incoherent ramblings and a Hollywood entertainment company’s reaction to them:
1. In between complaining about how Disney’s Bob Iger treated him, President Trump slapped a 25 percent tariff on goods coming into the country from China, a move that ultimately burdens working Americans. It covers $50 billion worth of goods.
2. The Department of Homeland Security has doubled down on its plans to monitor journalists, an example of threatening free speech that follows previous government efforts to keep tabs on the press and reports critical of the state. DHS insists there is no reason to worry.
3. Exponentially more people died in Puerto Rico as a result of hurricane Maria than previously reported. The government’s official death toll is 64. In truth, it’s over 4,600, according to a survey published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. That’s more than 70 times the government’s tally. The U.S. government’s response to the natural disaster in the U.S. territory was wildly insufficient, and people are still struggling to recover and survive.
4. The Department of Justice approved Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto, sealing the collaboration of two of the most corrupt, corporatist companies in the world.
5. The Trump administration is covering up civilian deaths in overseas wars even more than the Obama administration, which also tried to keep the numbers under wraps. This is of particular concern considering the number of bombs dropped by the U.S. military has skyrocketed under Trump and that last week, the House of Representatives passed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which the ACLU has warned will enable true global war without end,” allow the U.S. to “declare war on a person,” turn the power to declare war “almost entirely over to this president and every future president,” and grant further authority to any president “to use the military to lock people up with no charge or trial.”
In other recent stories hardly anyone was paying attention to even before the Roseanne feeding frenzy began this week, the NSA is back to collecting record amounts of private data, the TSA is compiling a list of “unruly” travelers,  financial experts are warning the economy is on its way to a massive correction, and law enforcement agents are molesting children, raping womenbeating unarmed civilians, and responding to citizen complaints about children selling lemonade for charity.
But by all means, carry on about Roseanne.

In Syria, Putin and Netanyahu Were on the Same Side All Along

Sonia Barett: The Human Game-Part 2-The Mind


Sonia Barrett will be presenting "Moving into the Superhuman/Consciousness Age What it Takes to Unlock Your “Permission” Program in New York City this weekend, June 2, 2018. Randy Maugans will be attending this special event. For info. and tickets and information about all things Sonia, go to:  Sonia Barett rejoins us for part 2 of the series, "The Human Game. This episode focuses on Sonia's unique perspective on the mind: how it works, what controls it, and how we can become our own programmers. Topics include: Hour 1 The brain is a pattern matching mechanism; Color, light, and sound as part of brainwave patterns; Our first language is symbols; our bodies are purpose-built to the environmental space. Not all humans experience "reality" in the same way, or perspective; Who is "everybody"? We are free agents on this ride. Hour 2 (for our subscribers. visit for details) We discuss traumatic mind control; "Not romancing the victim"; using the energy of our circumstances to catapult out of them; "Specialized fractal realities"; The game is a collective agreement; Living outside the construct.

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CONFIRMED: Antidepressants and other drugs cause dementia

"Assassinated" Anti-Putin Journalist Shows Up Alive At Kiev News Conference With Remarkable Story

A 41-year-old former Russian soldier-turned-journalist reported to have been assassinated on Tuesday, faked his own death as part of an elaborate sting operation by Ukraine to bust an actual hit planned by Russia, according to the head of the SBU, Ukraine's national security service. 

According to Tuesday's media "reports", the Journalist, Arkady Babachenko, was shot three times in the back in his apartment building in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev last Tuesday after going out to buy bread - his wife finding him in a pool of blood after she came out of the bathroom following the "murder." He was pronounced dead in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. 
A photo of Babachenko taken by his wife, which was staged, was posted online. 
Вот всё, что вы можете повторить, ублюдки

Then, in a remarkable "recovery", on Wednesday, Babachenko showed up to a press conference, reporting that the SBU had intelligence about the actual assassination scheme and that he helped them to derail the plot. The assassin who received the real order to kill Babachenko along with the person who organized the hit, have reportedly been detained. 

Read more:

Whole Foods Bails On GMO Labeling - #NewWorldNextWeek


Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: Cryptocurrency and The Allure Of a Cashless Cannabis Industry Make Money From Marijuana? Forget About Federally-Subsidized Loans Bayer Wins U.S. Approval for Monsanto After Two-Year Quest Story #2: Whole Foods Quietly Halts GMO Labeling Requirements NWNW Flashback: Monsanto Calls GMO-Free Cheerios a Marketing Stunt (Jan 9, 2014) Story #3: California Rolling Out Digital License Plates Forget Scanning License Plates, Cops Will Soon ID You Via Your Roof Rack #MorningMonarchy: Billionaire Bondholders, High Ambitions and Training Robots (May 22, 2018) NWNW Flashback: Techsperts Propose Driverless Highway (Oct 5, 2017)

Magnetic Pillars of Creation, Space Weather | S0 News May.30.2018

ALERT! North Carolina DAM Failure Imminent due to Mudslide Damage!


From Scarcity To Abundance Feat. Bob Tuskin

Solutions and Subversions

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What Makes The Business Of Human Trafficking So Lucrative?

Nigeria warns its soccer fans ahead of World Cup in Russia

Russian Journalist Arkady Babchenko Shot Dead in Kiev

Barrie Trower - The Dangers of Microwave Technology

Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr. Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile phones and WiFi. Mr. Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health. Credits:

Investigation Reveals Telecom Industry Hid Studies Re: Cell Phones Cause Tumors/Genetic Damage


Cell Phones Put On The Market Without Safety Testing, & Dangers Of 5G Telecom Industry Hid Data On Cell Phones Causing Brain Tumors, Lied About Safety 109 Videos On Dangers Of Microwave Frequencies tom Wheeler 5G Rollout Girl Holding Alexa Fire Stations Exempt From Cell Antennas Dr. Devra Davis on 5G - Skin Ducts Act As Antennas Dr. Martin Pall - Dangers Of Smart Meters

Is Stress Real, Or Are You Crazy And It's All In Your Head?


Electricity, Water, Life, and the Cosmos | Space News

C Flare, Deadly Weather, Salt Storm, M87 | S0 News May.29.2018

Umerziehung Fehlanzeige, was ist deutsch

Britain Has Fallen: Journalist Jailed for Covering Child Sex Trafficking Trial

It is a crime to report on certain events in Great Britain. But one defiant journalist ignored the court imposed gag orders and reported anyway on three connected sex abuse trials involving dozens of defendants.
Police arrested Tommy Robinson outside the courthouse while he filmed using Facebook live. The courts had already delivered a suspended sentence to him for covering the second trial. Now they say he has breached the conditions of that suspended sentence and will be spending 13 months in prison.
In the space of the next few hours, a judge tried, convicted, and sentenced him to 13 months in jail — and also issued a gag order, demanding a total news blackout on the case in the British news media. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was immediately taken to Hull Prison.
What This is NOT About
Robinson is known for starting the English Defense League. The idea is to protect Great Britain from Muslim extremists.
But this is not about Robinson’s politics. You don’t have to support his message in order to be horrified that a man is being silenced by the British justice system.
It is extremely important to protect “offensive speech” because the term is entirely subjective. Remember it wasn’t so long ago that people found it offensive that black and white people should be able to attend the same schools. When governments have the power to define crimes subjectively, they can punish anyone they want.
In the first case, Robinson–whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon–was held in contempt of court with a suspended three-month sentence for filming on the court premises. The judge admitted that whether one is allowed to film certain court procedures comes down to where a comma is placed in the law.
The judge broadly interpreted the law to ban recording of anything court related. He told Robinson to refrain from recording or his sentence would be imposed and increased.
But another interesting thing about the first court procedure is that the judge took issue with the title placed under the video that Robinson took. It said, “Tommy Robinson in Canterbury exposing
Muslim child rapists, Police help them escape.”
If you read the list of the defendants in the child human trafficking case, you will find that all 29 have names typically associated with Muslims and people from predominantly Muslim areas of the middle east. The judge helped to shield the defendants from being recorded by Robinson by allowing them to be escorted out of court by police via an alternative route.
What it is Really About
The judge claimed:
This contempt hearing is not about free speech. This is not about the freedom of the press. This is not about legitimate journalism; this is not about political correctness; this is not about whether one political viewpoint is right or another. It is about justice, and it is about ensuring that a trial can be carried out justly and fairly. It is about ensuring that a jury are not in any way inhibited from carryin out their important function. It is about being innocent until proven guilty. It is not about people prejudging a situation and going round to that court and publishing material, whether in print or online, referring to defendants as “Muslim paedophile rapists”. A legitimate journalist would not be able to do that and under the strict liability rule there would be no defence to publication in those terms. It is pejorative language which prejudges the case, and it is language and reporting – if reporting indeed is what it is – that could have had the effect of substantially derailing the trial.
So the judge brings up a good point that the defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty. But how often are those arrested given such VIP treatment? Mugshots and reports typically come out the next day. Somehow, un-prejudiced juries are found.
It certainly seems like Robinson was sensationalizing the story. He can be criticized for that. Perhaps he is an untrustworthy news source or a poor journalist. But that is not for the judge to decide. The judge handed down a ruling which defined what he believes is real journalism versus fake news.
He also appears to issue an order in the same document that prohibits any media outlets from reporting on each case until after it concludes.
Grooming Gangs
In February the Independent ran an article explaining the case after 17 men and one woman was convicted of grooming, drugging, and raping young women. The trial reported by the Independent, and the trials covered by Robinson, stem from the same “grooming gang” which allegedly victimized 700 girls near Newcastle.
Before 2014, police were responding to incidents on an ad hoc basis, with efforts by authorities trying to persuade victims to keep away from the abusers and change their behaviours.
The review found the approach led to “consideration of deterrent punishments of victims for being drunk and disorderly or for making false allegations when accounts were changed”.
“This sent an unhelpful message to perpetrators – they were unlikely to be prosecuted or prevented from continuing to abuse – encouraging an arrogant persistence,” it added.
“It also had a significant impact on victims who learnt that nothing would be done against perpetrators.”
A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of offences including rape, sexual abuse, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation in a series of trials over the Newcastle case.
Of eight victims covered in the trials, six were white and two were of African heritage, while the perpetrators came from a diverse range of backgrounds including Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian and Eastern European.
And now…


JUSTICE FOR OUR BOYS Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5, United Kingdom

Mercury Mars Jupiter Rahu conjunction in Vedic Astrology

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Why We Should Aim for a Stateless Society


America was founded as the smallest government of all time. Within 250 years, it has turned into the largest and fastest decaying nation in the world. Some Americans want to simply turn back the hands on the clock and start over with a small government. Is this the best we can hope for, or is there another answer? More content at Merchandise:

Conventional Ancient Egypt History is Starting to Fall Apart


Mohamed Ibrahim, inspired by an equally passionate desire to share his wisdom, offers a wide spectrum of knowledge regarding the history, arts, literature, and culture of the ancient Egyptians. Mohamed was born in Memphis, Egypt and studied (Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Islamic) Art and history at Helwan University in Cairo. He has been working as a tour guide and a teacher of Hieroglyphics since 2000. Mohamed’s comprehensive knowledge of Ancient Egypt, along with his background in comparative religions and spiritual studies has enabled him to fill lecture halls and conduct a variety of successful tours over the years. When he is not on tour, Mohamed frequently lectures on Egyptian mythology – its spiritual aspects in Egyptian art, and the Ancient Egyptian concept of Gods and Goddesses. Thanks to Cliff Dunning

150th Truck Gets Stuck Under St. Petersburg's 'Bridge of Stupidity'

Russian Official Calls to Ban Instagram Over 'Leningrad Terror Attack'

Cylinder UFO Over Germany Changes Shape


Teile und Herrsche - Das Wutspiel in Berlin

'Agricultural terrorism': Palestinian crops face destruction by Israeli settlers

Pedophilia In Hollywood (with Adam Riva)

Chickpea "Tuna" Salad Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe

Don't Be An Idiot! Get Rid of Alexa!

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Amazon Is Deep State, Using Real Time AI Facial 'Rekognition' To Track You

CARIBBEAN FEAST | @avantgardevegan

Nutella | Vegan, Paleo

US Officials Enter North Korea To "Prepare Trump-Kim Talks" As Kim Commits To "Complete Denuclearization"

Update: confirming that Trump's "dear Kim" letter was just a negotiating ploy, the WaPo reports that the US exploratory team is back in North Korea as Reuters previewed yesterday:
* * *
One day after Saturday's "surprise" second summit between the leaders of North and South Korea, President Moon Jae-in said on Sunday that his Northern counterpart Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his commitment to “complete” denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and to a planned meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.
“Chairman Kim clearly appealed once again that his intent to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula is firm,” Moon said quoted by Reuters.
Moon Jae-in with Kim Jong Un on Saturday. Source: Blue House 
The statement came one day after Moon and Kim agreed that the possible North Korea-U.S. summit must be held: “Chairman Kim and I have agreed that the June 12 summit should be held successfully and that our quest for the Korean peninsula’s denuclearization and a perpetual peace regime should not be halted,” Moon said.
Moon also explained that he held Saturday’s impromptu summit - the second between the two sides in a month - after Kim asked for a meeting “without any formality”.
“A meeting was held because officials of both countries thought that meeting face-to-face would be better than a phone call,” Moon said, noting that the summit was in line with previous agreements for the two leaders to meet more often.
The meeting was the latest dramatic turn in a week of diplomatic ups and downs surrounding the prospects for an unprecedented summit between the United States and North Korea, and the strongest sign yet that the two Korean leaders are trying to keep the on-again-off-again meeting on track.
North Korea’s state news agency, KCNA, said the Korean leaders had agreed to “high-level” talks between the two countries on June 1. “They shared the opinion that they would meet frequently in the future to make dialogue brisk and pool wisdom and efforts,” KCNA said. KCNA also said that Kim expressed “his fixed will” on the possibility of meeting Trump as previously planned; the agency also said the two leaders had reached a “satisfactory consensus” and expressed “their stand to make joint efforts for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”.