Sunday, May 6, 2018

C60 Truth: Nano Technology & Cancer


Ian Mitchell, Chief Scientist of Live Pet, joins the program to discuss the huge breakthroughs they are making with C60 and cancer. He also discusses the fears surrounding C60 and nanotechnology. He explains the science and clears many misconceptions. We also discuss the potential of C60 as a base for many protocols that will revolutionize the world of medicine and health. Consider supporting the show and see exclusive interview content with Ian Mitchell and many other guests at Requirements to Participate in the Cancer Trial: 1) The pet owners need to be willing to have the type of cancer identified by their vet if they don't already know what type it is. 2) They need to be willing to use a holistic treatment regimen which will include modifying the dog's diet for a period of 6-8 weeks. 3) During this period they will have to be willing to have the vet take pictures/images of the cancers and provide all data to LivePet so we can assess everything and make adjustments as necessary. 4) Also, they will need to be super cool and really love their dogs!! :) 5) If your loved pet fit the above criteria contact Ian and his team at Information from the show: This is a link to the research that Johns Hopkins released last year that showed how they manipulated systems of communication using IL-6 and IL-8 and slowed down metastasis. The main thing really jumped out at me is that they point out that 90% of all cancer deaths are from metastasis. Next is the link to the article showing how you have to affect mitochondrial function in order for cancer to spread.

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