Thursday, May 31, 2018

Council Tax - From Start to Finish - Part 1


Ola, we're gonna give councils a run for their [our] money, and here is part 1 of the series which will show you how I deal with council tax, and or related expenditures - eg spare bedroom tax and so on. The first few parts will be up for general viewing on YouTube. The juicy stuff will only be available to Insiders over on the You And Your Cash website To join the Insiders, simply visit the homepage, and click the button in the banner - it's FREE! Then visit the "My Library" section of the site and you will find a whole host of downloads and info which is available only to Insiders and is not for public dissemination enjoy spaniard x PS: ever wondered why it's called DHP - Discretionary Housing Payment? Discretionary as in Discretionary Trust. You all put in, they act as Trustee(s), then they decide whether you, in your CORPORATE CAPACITY, receives any benefits! Please Read the Full Notes: To gain the most from our videos, please watch from start to finish; we trust you will be entertained. If we have included well-known songs, by popular artists, and or clips from Hollywood blockbusters, please note that we do not own the copyright to said masterpieces. We’ve included them because love them, and encourage everyone to buy the tune/or DVD of the artist featured. This channel is not monetized, and we do not charge for promoting artistic genius. WhiteRabbitTrust and WhiteRabbitJediAcademy You-Tube Channels, should not be confused, with other Channels using the term ‘White Rabbit’. How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work The Wolf of Wall Street – It Doesn’t Exist The Hidden Power of Attorney in Your Mortgage Land Registry The System doesn’t Exist – It’s all an Act Please subscribe to the: WhiteRabbitTrust (YouTube Channel), and the: YouAndYourCash (Your Tube Channel) and please encourage your friends and family to do likewise.

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