Friday, May 18, 2018

Ghosts Of The Nephilim, Frater Ex


Ghosts Of The Nephilim, Frater Ex The artist formerly known as Frater Ex The entire human race has been suffering a form of complex post-traumatic stress disorder since the time of the great flood, this trauma made us susceptible to manipulation by psychopaths and indeed may have led to the enslavement of the whole planet under their rule. But is this just a simple thing about the cycle of indoctrination and abuse run by early secret societies like Freemasonry? Or are there actually REAL entities out there in the ether trying to influence our thoughts and society? Frater's upcoming book "The Ghosts Of The Nephilim" explains! Support Vinny Eastwood! from just $1 a month, make a one-off donation or start automatic payments at

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