Saturday, May 12, 2018

Iran Israel War - The Clown Dance Continues...

War, war, war... Get your popcorn. The car chase at the 7-minute mark. Black guy dies 20 minutes in, his white cop partner avenged his death at the 50-minute mark. Love scene. Another car chase...credits. Brush your teeth to get the popcorn out. Apart from 911, this reshaping of the Middle East for Israel and the Belt & Road Initiatives sake is quite an accomplishment. Truly the greatest Grand Chessboard move yet. Daring, swaggering...and it's only cost 3 million brown-skinned peoples lives. Just remember the script alt media people - Rouhani, Putin, Assad, and Xi ping (China) rock. Israel & America...booooooooooooo. Throw popcorn if you like at the screen.

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