Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sonia Barett: The Human Game-Part 2-The Mind


Sonia Barrett will be presenting "Moving into the Superhuman/Consciousness Age What it Takes to Unlock Your “Permission” Program in New York City this weekend, June 2, 2018. Randy Maugans will be attending this special event. For info. and tickets and information about all things Sonia, go to:  Sonia Barett rejoins us for part 2 of the series, "The Human Game. This episode focuses on Sonia's unique perspective on the mind: how it works, what controls it, and how we can become our own programmers. Topics include: Hour 1 The brain is a pattern matching mechanism; Color, light, and sound as part of brainwave patterns; Our first language is symbols; our bodies are purpose-built to the environmental space. Not all humans experience "reality" in the same way, or perspective; Who is "everybody"? We are free agents on this ride. Hour 2 (for our subscribers. visit for details) We discuss traumatic mind control; "Not romancing the victim"; using the energy of our circumstances to catapult out of them; "Specialized fractal realities"; The game is a collective agreement; Living outside the construct.

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