Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Big Bang Dead – Electric Dark Matter to the Rescue? | Space News


EU2017: Future Science -- Rebroadcast—only $29: Astrophysicists today are resorting to new conjectures to try to preserve the big bang story. The latest irreconcilable data comes from scientists’ attempt to analyze the so-called Cosmic Dawn, a period about 200 million years after the Universe’s hypothetical beginning when the earliest stars are thought to have started to shine. Their goal was to study the absorption of radiation by hydrogen flowing between the so-called earliest generation of stars. What they report to have found is that the hydrogen gas appears to be much cooler than expected — too cold in fact for the big bang theory to possibly explain. Recently, a paper in the journal nature proposes that electrically charged dark matter could have cooled the hydrogen. In this episode, we discuss why neither dark matter nor the big bang story is necessary for our Electric Universe. Don Scott's SN, "Dark Matter? No. Birkeland Currents? Yes!" Source story:

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