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Crispy Fried Teriyaki Tofu with Plum Sauce Pancakes

How Sunscreen Could Be Causing Skin Cancer, Not The Sun

4 Everyday Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

Intense monsoon rains destroy busy roads in Awada, Nigeria and nobody cares about!

Warm spiced Cauliflower and Chickpea salad recipe

Mikroplastik in Mineralwasser

USA Hits Cosmic Ray Max, Hail/Lightning | S0 News Jul.31.2018

Trump Considering Unilateral $100 Billion Tax Cut On The Wealthy

We may have an idea what was the (leaked) reason for today's selloff in Treasurys, which pushed the 10Y yield just shy of 3.00%.
According to the NYT, the Trump administration is considering a $100 billion unilateral tax cut meant to mainly help the wealthy, and is hopes to bypass Congress in implementing it "a legally tenuous maneuver that would cut capital gains taxation and fulfill a long-held ambition of many investors and conservatives."
However, despite the NYT's alarmist take, Trump's proposal actually does make some sense: what it calls for is to inflation-adjust one's long-term cost basis when calculating capital gains tax. Considering that various welfare programs like Social Security are already indexed for Cost of Living Adjustments, the idea is probably not that outlandish, especially if inflation were to suddenly explode higher.
Here's how it would work.
Currently, capital gains taxes are determined by subtracting the original price of an asset from the price at which it was sold and taxing the difference, usually at 20 percent. If a high earner spent $100,000 on stock in 1980, then sold it for $1 million today, she would owe taxes on $900,000. But if her original purchase price was adjusted for inflation, it would be about $300,000, reducing her taxable “gain” to $700,000. That would save the investor $40,000.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin hinted at the idea during last weekend's G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires, when he told reporters that his department was studying whether it could use its regulatory powers to allow Americans to account for inflation in determining capital gains tax liabilities. The Treasury Department could change the definition of “cost” for calculating capital gains, allowing taxpayers to adjust the initial value of an asset, such as a home or a share of stock, for inflation when it sells.
“If it can’t get done through a legislative process, we will look at what tools at Treasury we have to do it on our own and we’ll consider that,” Mnuchin said, emphasizing that he had not concluded whether the Treasury Department had the authority to act alone. “We are studying that internally, and we are also studying the economic costs and the impact on growth.”
To be sure, any such move would face near-certain court challenges, not to mention cause further turmoil inside the bond market, which is already rather displeased with Trump's recent busting of the US deficit. It would certainly reinforce a liberal critique of Republican tax policy at a time when Republicans are struggling to sell middle-class voters on the benefits of the tax cuts that President Trump signed into law late last year.
Chuck Schumer was, as usual, ready to hand out criticism: 

Second Russian Scientist Charged With Treason in July

Blood Moon 2018: How the Archons are Redirecting the Thoughts of Mass Consciousness at this Time

Jetzt spricht Petra Paulsen, nachdem Sie aus der Talkshow ausgeladen wurde

Everything Retrograde

Indonesia Earthquake Kills 16, Traps Hundreds of Tourists on Volcano

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Military's Directed Energy Weapons & The New "Normal" Wildfires; 5G = Active Denial System

7 RAW - Primer 00


Connect with the Tribe! - Global WhatsApp Chat 24/7 - Cosmic Energy Calendar Beta - Download the Secret Energy App - The Academy of Metaphysics -

Solar Watch, Dark Energy Stumbles, Galaxy Field | S0 News Jul.30.2018

The Judeo-Russian Mafia

Protesters Chant Anti-Putin Slogans at Moscow Rally Against Pension Raise Plan

Facebook Insiders Sold $3.9 Billion of Shares Since Scandal

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Why Determinism Is Bullshit!

Real Mind Reader Technology / Cancerous Coffee / AI & 5G Network

Dear Kitten

83jährige Rentnerin klaut aus Hunger- 9 Monate Knast!

Aktuelles - unglaubliche Fakten

DARPA’s Prepare program: Preparing for what?

Vatican accepts resignation of U.S. cardinal accused of sex abuse

"Self-Work" - An Interview with Bernhard Guenther


Israeli Army Closes Entrance to Nabi Saleh Village, Home of Ahed Tamimi

(MEMO) — Israeli occupation forces closed the entrance gate of the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, in the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah, yesterday evening, preventing the entry and exit of residents.
According to local sources, a large number of Israeli occupation forces was deployed in the village and completely closed its entrance forcefully preventing residents from entering or exiting.
Locals added that the closed gate forced them to take longer, alternative routes.
With less than a thousand residents, Nabi Saleh is one of the smaller villages in the occupied West Bank.
Since 2009, the village has held weekly Friday demonstrations, along with a dozen other villages in the occupied West Bank in protest against Israeli occupation policies.
Nabi Saleh’s weekly protests focus on the confiscation of a large portion of village land for the establishment and expansion of the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish and the seizure of the village’s natural spring, which has historically been its only water source.
The residential area of Nabi Saleh only accounts for 4.4 percent of the village’s total land, according to the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem.
The vast majority of the village land lies in “Area C” which comes under complete Israeli control.
The renowned Tamimi family hail from Nabi Saleh, a number of members of the family are currently in Israeli occupation jails due to their activism.

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Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons

Carr Fire Doubled In Size Overnight, Bizarre Damage Via 'Tornado, Scalar EM Weapons Explains Alot

Putin’s nationalism explains outreach to Jews, Israel

...Has a known paedophile tried to distance himself from a paedophile?

Sunspot Watch, Storms, Super Cold Science | S0 News Jul.28.2018

Reanimating Leviathan & the Giants, Manipulation of the Matrix

Over 50 Industrial Chemicals Found In Average Pregnant Woman

Scientists at UC San Francisco have found a way to screen people's blood for hundreds of chemicals at once, a method that will improve our ability to better assess chemical exposures in pregnant women and to identify those exposures that may pose a health risk.

Each year, tens of thousands of chemicals are manufactured in or imported into the United States--more than 30,000 pounds of industrial chemicals for every American--yet experts know very little about which chemicals may enter people's bodies, or how these substances affect human health. 

The bodies of virtually all U.S. pregnant women carry multiple chemicals, including some banned since the 1970s and others used in common products such as non-stick cookware, processed foods, and personal care products.

Past research in Environment International Journal showed that women with higher levels of mercury exposure are more than twice as likely to have elevated levels of antibodies that are associated with autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and lupus. The antibodies may also affect women during pregnancy.

In utero exposure to environmental chemicals can adversely impact pregnancy outcomes and child health, but minimal biomonitoring data exist on the majority of chemicals used in commerce. 

Researchers have previously detected low levels of three common chemicals -- the phthalates DEHP and DiNP and the stain-resisting chemical PFOS -- in almost every sample of amniotic fluid tested.
The scientists used a technique known as high-resolution mass spectrometry, which identifies chemicals by their molecular weight, to screen blood samples taken from pregnant women in San Francisco. This enabled them to scan a much larger number of chemicals at once than previous methods, which typically target about a dozen chemicals at a time. They scanned about 700 chemicals in the current study, finding, on average, 56 different suspect chemicals in the women's blood.

Exposure to chemicals during fetal development has been shown to increase the risk of adverse health consequences, including preterm birth and birth defects, childhood development, morbidity, and adult disease and mortality.
"As we suspected, more chemicals are present in pregnant women than previously identified, some of which may be hazardous to the developing fetus and to adults," said Tracey Woodruff, Ph.D., the senior author of the study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives. Woodruff is a professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences and the director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment at UCSF "This also helps us prioritize chemicals for further study and prevention
UCSF's work contributes to the broader scientific initiative to measure the "exposome," or the totality of human environmental exposures from conception, so researchers and policymakers can determine which chemicals or combinations of chemicals are contributing to health problems.
"Screening for chemicals in a person is like finding needles in a haystack--there are thousands of chemicals in blood that come from different sources, so we need an efficient method to find those that matter," said Aolin Wang, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar in the PRHE in the UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, and the study's first author.
The new method screens for environmental organic acids (EOAs), compounds that have at least one ionizable proton and can be measured with the method, which detects the relative abundance of ions in a sample.
EOAs are widely used in pesticides and consumer products, and some, such as bisphenol-A, methylparaben, and triclosan, have chemical structures that are similar to hormones. They can cause endocrine disruption, which makes them particularly dangerous to pregnant women and their developing fetuses, since the chemicals may interfere with development.

People are exposed to these and other similar chemicals by using products, eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water, or breathing contaminated air and dust.
The researchers first compiled a chemical database of 696 EOAs from a variety of publicly available sources, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the California Environmental Protection Agency, as well as private databases and data from the scientific literature.
They then analyzed maternal blood collected from pregnant women at two different hospitals: the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, which serves mostly low-income women of color who do not have health insurance; and UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center, which serves an economically and ethnically diverse population, including women of higher socioeconomic status.
"Our findings indicate numerous chemical exposures across the populations of pregnant women studied," said Rachel Morello-Frosh, Ph.D., a professor of environmental science, policy, and management at UC Berkeley and an author of the study. "Additionally, low-income women and women of color often face a disproportionate burden of social and environmental stressors that are linked to poor health outcomes."
After the initial screening of the women's blood, which revealed between 32 and 73 suspect chemicals per woman, the researchers used a more refined method to confirm the presence of a subset of these chemicals. They found six chemicals that had not been previously documented in pregnant women's blood, two of which--2,4-Dinitrophenol and pyrocatechol--may cause genetic defects, harm fertility or damage the fetus, or have carcinogenic effects.
Another chemical found in the study, 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol, is a widely detected estrogenic compound. It is used in food-related plastic products, as well as plastic pipes and water bottles. In Europe, it has been found to migrate from water bottles and electric kettles made from chemical substitutes for bisphenol-A, an estrogen mimic that is being phased out.
"Our success with the current suspect screening approach indicates that this method can provide new insights regarding human exposures to potentially dangerous chemicals," said Woodruff. "Our results raise concerns about pregnant women's chemical exposures and can be used to inform evidence-based approaches to protect human health." 

5G Transhumanism & the Rise of Technocracy

Moscow hopes to become first 5G city by 2020


electromagnetic pollution 
It’s nearly impossible to avoid pollution from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radio frequencies (RFRs). The consumption of electronics and wireless technologies has made these invisible areas of energy, or radiation, as common as an electrical outlet. Yet, concerns about the safety of these technologies continue to spread, both in public interest groups and scientific institutions. Most recently, Canadian citizens have filed a class action lawsuit in the Superior Court of the Providence of Quebec (Case No. 500-06-000760-153). The suit holds liable the government entities and corporations responsible for the proliferation of EMF and RFR technologies.

EMF and RFR Industry Dynamics

Ever since electromagnetic radiation became ubiquitous in our living environments, concerns about its safety have continued to mount. Many people believe that the governments and corporations making and deploying EMF and RFR products do so without adequate regard for human health.
Governments and regulatory agencies have allowed these technologies to be placed in nearly all living environments. Yet, corporations haven’t conducted or released any significant human health and environmental impact studies, at least not in North America.
As well, many people believe that the telecom industry, as a whole, has manipulated regulatory agencies and health authorities, using expensive lobbying tactics. Therefore, little is done to make the public aware of the potential health risks associated with electro-pollution. As a result, consumers do not think it is important to protect themselves from EMF and RFR signals.
Consequently, there are few, if any, public warnings about the adverse health reactions common to EMF and RFR exposure. As a result, corporations have not been held liable for the pervasive, escalating and cumulative effects of electro-pollution.

Citizens Take Stance Against EMF and RFR

In an effort to highlight these perceived injustices, a class action lawsuit was filed in Superior Court, Province of Quebec, District of Montreal (Case No. 500-06-000760-153) to hold corporate giants liable for not adequately warning consumers about EMF and RFR pollution. In addition, the lawsuit reprimands the defendants for failing to encourage people to reduce EMF exposure, especially in the sleeping environment and for sensitive individuals.

Benefits of Protecting Yourself from EMF

Research evidence continues to show that electronic radiation exposure poses innumerable risks to human health. Primarily, this radiation affects the following organs: brain, testes (for men), nervous system, heart, and retina.
The tissues of these organs have the highest concentration of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which are located in the outer membrane of your cells. Dr. Mercola writes:
…EMF radiation activates the VGCCs in the outer cell membrane, triggering a chain reaction of devastating events that, ultimately:
  • Decimates your mitochondrial function, cell membranes and cellular proteins
  • Causes severe cellular damage
  • Results in DNA breaks
  • Dramatically accelerates your aging process
  • Puts you at higher risk for chronic disease
Therefore, when you decrease EMF and RFR exposure, you are less likely to experience symptoms of radiation. These symptoms include the following:
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart issues, such as cardiac arrhythmia and heart palpitations
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sleep problems and disorders
A group of researchers from the Autoimmunity Research Foundation studied the effects that blocking EMF products has on patients with autoimmune disease. In a group of 64 patients with illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, they discovered that blocking EMFs significantly changes symptoms.
In fact, 90 percent of the patients indicated a “definite” or “strong” change in their symptoms. The concluded by saying that the study “suggests that effective control of environmental Electrosmog immunomodulation may soon become necessary for successful therapy of autoimmune disease.”

Blocking EMFs and RFRs

One of the best ways to reduce the effect that electro-pollution has on your health is to limit exposure within your home. If you are concerned about your health, here are some simple actions you can take:
  • Do not carry your cell phone on your body and use the speakerphone whenever possible.
  • Use high-quality devices that reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation, like this one. You should connect these protective devices to computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, smart meters, and wifi routers.
  • Do not sleep within 3 feet of any EMF or RFR emitting devices. For children and sensitive persons, such as pregnant women, this should increase to at least 6 feet.
  • Turn off your Wifi modem during the night and set all devices to airplane mode.

Final Thoughts

It is absolutely essential that the growing concerns about EMF and RFR product safety are voiced, as well as heard by our governing bodies. We know very little about the long-term effects of electromagnetic pollution on human health. Without adequate research, we may find out too late that these technologies cause irreparable harm.
Personally, I use EMF protection devices from AiresTech on most of my personal electronics. I have found I sleep better and have fewer headaches. These devices are a small investment in my long-term health.
The tobacco industry is a great example that proves that money clouts the decisions of corporate and political profiteers. Sadly, it took decades for the public to realize this, thus suffering the detrimental effects of using tobacco products. Let’s not repeat the same mistake and pretend that growing amounts of radiation in our homes shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Read more articles by Anna Hunt

About the Author
Anna Hunt is a writer, yoga instructor, mother of three, and lover of healthy food. She’s the founder of Awareness Junkie, an online community paving the way for better health and personal transformation. She’s also the co-editor at Waking Times, where she writes about optimal health and wellness. Anna spent 6 years in Costa Rica as a teacher of Hatha and therapeutic yoga. She now teaches at Asheville Yoga Center and is pursuing her Yoga Therapy certification. During her free time, you’ll find her on the mat or in the kitchen, creating new kid-friendly superfood recipes.
This article (Citizens of Quebec File Class Action Suit Against EMF and RFR Producerswas originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Anna Hunt and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Indie Film Festivals in Russia Under Fire Over New Government Restrictions

Carr Fire Update: "Homes Were Exploding, Cars Were Exploding;" Resource If Need Place To Stay



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The Truth About BRICS

MedTech Opportunity Pushes Israel-China Romance to Next Level

Mars Liquid H2O, Cascadia Fault, Yellowstone | S0 News Jul.26.2018

Talking the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis | Richard Dolan


This week, we welcome the one and only Richard Dolan to the show. As you’re very likely aware, Richard is the author and publisher of many books in the UFO field, as well as a radio host, trained historian and gifted public speaker. We actually met out in the central Australian desert in May of this year and had the opportunity to chat about what’s right and what’s wrong with the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). For those of you who are unaware, ETH is the model for UFO phenomena that asserts that a majority or possibly all cases -credible ones, at least- are best explained as encounters with beings from other planets… rather than, say, extra-dimensional, demonic, spiritual, earth-based or under-earth entities that predate mankind and all the other non-ETH hypotheses.

Let Go of My Ego * The Oneness trap

A South Carolina Nuclear Fuel Plant Has Leaked Radioactive Pollution

Mac Slavo
July 25th, 2018 

Radioactive uranium has leaked through the floor of the Westinghouse South Carolina nuclear fuel plant and contaminated the soil. The Westinghouse fuel factory on Bluff Road, located in Richland County, also has a nearly 35-year history of groundwater pollution from the plant.
The most conflicting part of the entire uranium leak is that officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control said they have no reason to believe the uranium has trickled off the site or that public water supplies are threatened. But, the agency also said it does not have the results of recent groundwater tests on the Westinghouse property either, meaning they actually don’t really know what the extent of contamination could be. Those test results will show whether pollution in the soil washed into the area’s shallow groundwater, which seeps into creeks in the Congaree River floodplain.
However, the plant does have a 35-year history of polluting the groundwater. According to The State, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the uranium, a toxic substance used to make nuclear fuel rods, seeped through a 3-inch hole in a concrete floor in part of the factory where an acid is used. The hole extends 6 feet into the ground, according to the NRC, which learned of the leak back on July 12.
Much like the Fukushima radiation issues, we likely won’t know the extent of the dangers to human health until its too late. It seems like for some reason there isn’t a lot of information available, and the information readily obtainable is contradictory. Most of the mainstream media and government agencies were silent on the extent of radiation contamination in the wake of the Fukushima plant’s damage.
NRC records show uranium pollution reached 4,000 parts per million in the soil beneath the plant. Those levels are 1,300 times higher than the amount of uranium typically found in soil, records show. Soil usually contains about three parts per million of uranium, according to the Health Physics Society, a radiation safety organization. –Health Physics Society
Elevated levels of uranium in drinking water can increase a person’s risk of kidney damage, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over the course of a lifetime, exposure to uranium also can increase a person’s risk of cancer, the agency says. Roger Hannah, a spokesman for the NRC in Atlanta, also said it does not appear the uranium has spread off the site, calling the contamination “very localized.’’ However, he added that the agency is currently still investigating the leak to learn more about what happened and how badly the surrounding area could have been contaminated.

The Truth About Cardinal McCarrick

Russian Woman Reportedly Faces 6 Years in Prison for Insulting Memes

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Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As ‘Irresponsible Breeders’

Mac Slavo
July 25th, 2018

A democrat congressional candidate in Pennsylvania has desires to tax parents who have more than two children as “irresponsible breeders.”  Scott Wallace is a population control zealot who has donated over $7 million to population control groups.
Wallace is also supported and endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NOW (National Organization for Women). According to The Daily Wire, Wallace,  a millionaire and democrat who believes in taxing families with more than two kids for being privileged, also believes that the tax would be on “the privilege of irresponsible breeding.”
Between 1997 and 2003, Wallace gave $420,000 to Zero Population Growth (ZPG) — now Population Connection — an organization co-founded by “Population Bomb” author Paul Ehrlich, Fox News reported.
From before its inception, ZPG had announced its intentions to tax large families for the “privilege of irresponsible breeding.” A 1968 brochure advocated abortion to stabilize population growth and claimed that “no responsible family should have more than two children.” Therefore, “irresponsible people who have more than two children should be taxed to the hilt for the privilege of irresponsible breeding.” –PJ Media
Wallace’s fund (Wallace Global Fund) also gave $20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) in 2010. CASSE is an environmentalist group that sees economic growth as undesirable. The group supports an economy with “stable or mildly fluctuating levels” and a society with equal birth and death rates. CASSE calls this stagnant state of affairs “maturing.” CASSE still supports zero population growth and executive board member Herman Daly has pushed for reproduction licenses (permission from the government to have children). This bureaucratic control over birth would allow women to have only two children unless they buy the license for more children from other women who do not reproduce. Daly called this program the “best plan yet offered” to limit population growth.
If you’ve ever wondered how close we are to totalitarianism, you no longer have to.  It’s right around the corner. Abortion and population control movements can be traced back to the horrific racism of the early eugenics movement, where activists like Margaret Sanger called for more babies for the “fit” and less for the “unfit.”

Underground lake found on Mars, raising possibility of life

Periodic Insanity - Ep. 22 - Moroccan police on the streets of Paris


You can't have open borders and a welfare State. This is an absolute truth but one that is now openly ignored in Spain where recently socialized healthcare was, quite literally, made available for the entire planet. In other news, telling migrants to "go home" makes you legally Hitler in Italy while in France the police itself will be migrant as Paris will be having Moroccan police patrolling the streets. Speaking of France, being mentally handicapped will no longer be an impediment for voting as Macron tries to score cheap progressive points. On the cultural front, Richard Dawkins is in trouble again with the Left for having the gall to prefer the sound of church bells of the Adhan. Join me in this marathon of Periodic Insanity where I crammed more stories than ever and... there's more to come.

Soccer ball Putin gave Trump contains transmitter chip — but for Adidas

Psoriasis: How to Overcome It Naturally

President Putin On Israel: Quotes From The Kremlin Website

Alt-Media totally misunderstands – and oftentimes deliberately misportrays – President Putin’s relationship with Israel, which a reading of the official Kremlin website’s most relevant links indicates is a lot better than most people may think.
Alt-Media dogma indoctrinates its followers with the notion that it’s impossible for Russia and Israel to be on friendly terms with one another, let alone allies, because President Putin is supposedly on an “anti-Zionist crusade” to “save the world”, which isn’t true whatsoever. Many websites have popped up and fed into this delusional “wishful thinking” with outlandish headlines and false narratives in order to reap revenue from increased web traffic and the donations that they hope to solicit as a result.
When confronted with the facts, many people who have been exposed to Alt-Media dogma for too long of a time react with verbal violence as they writhe in the throes of cognitive dissonance, unable to countenance that everything that they thought they knew (or rather, were brainwashed to believe) was a lie. For the bulk of them, their binary thinking has made it impossible to accept that any person or country that “legitimizes” Israel can ever be praised for anything else that they may ever do, meaning that these folks consider it unacceptable to sympathize with anything that President Putin and Russia do anywhere else in the world for the simple fact that both of them are on exceptionally friendly terms with Alt-Media’s supposedly biggest foe.
It’s every person’s prerogative to adhere to whatever belief complex they want, but the facts are the facts and disregarding them for the sake of “political convenience” or because they’re “ideologically inconsistent” with one’s larger views or the causes that they hold most dear leads to the creation of echo chambers, groupthink, and ultimately an Alt-Reality that’s completely divorced from real life. It’s in the interests of “popping this bubble” and setting the record straight about President Putin’s real relationship with Israel that the author set about documenting his official statements on the topic.
It should be cautioned that the below list of quotes from the Kremlin website isn’t comprehensive and purposely focuses on the most praiseworthy comments that the Russian leader has made. The Alt-Media Community is already well aware that Russian representatives support a so-called “two-state solution” and the independent Palestine that comes with it, having condemned Israel for violating UN Resolutions prohibiting the construction of settlements, so there’s no need to redundantly go over these remarks, especially when it wasn’t President Putin saying them. Instead, what follows is a collection of comments that will irrefutably debunk the Alt-Media dogma that President Putin is on an “anti-Zionist crusade” and hopefully broaden the reader’s understanding of the complex “balancing” strategy that Russia envisions itself playing in the world.
The rest of the article is structured according to the three main topics of strategy, terrorism/military affairs, and overall friendship that President Putin spoke on in regards to Israel, with each one including a one-sentence summary before every pertinent quote. The President’s words are then followed by the hyperlinked name of the occasion that the Kremlin website quoted him speaking at and the date that the comment was made so that interested readers can verify each individual reference. That being said and without further ado, here’s what President Putin really thinks about Israel in his own words, which is sure to surprise a lot of people:


Russia Will Balance Between Israel And The Arab Countries:
“And we understand that all the positive experience accumulated over the years in the relations between Russia and the Arab countries and what has recently emerged between Russia and Israel, all that positive experience can be used to resolve this complicated situation. We are ready to put it at the disposal of the negotiating parties.” – Interview with the German Magazine Focus, 19 September 2001
Russia’s Approach To The Mideast Is “Cardinally Different From The Attitude Of The Former Soviet Union”, And “Those Times Are Long Gone”:
“First, the attitude of Russia to the problems of the Middle East is cardinally different from the attitude of the former Soviet Union. As you know, in former times the Soviet Union restricted foreign travel. In general, a totalitarian regime tends to isolate itself, and those times are long gone.” – Interview with the American Broadcasting Company ABC, 7 November 2001
President Putin Will Do Everything In His Power To “Win The Confidence Of [The Israeli] People”, Which Means That “They Must Come To See That Russia Takes An Even-Handed Position And Pursues A Policy Aimed At Settling The Conflict And Ensuring…The Interests Of Israel”:
“Our attitude to émigrés from the Soviet Union has changed dramatically. In the Soviet Union, all these people were seen as almost enemies of their country, as defectors, traitors and so on. There is nothing like that today. I think there is a good and positive potential for the development of inter-state relations. And we, of course, must use it. But for that potential to be tapped it is necessary to win the confidence of these people. They must see that Russia takes an even-handed position and pursues a policy aimed at settling the conflict and ensuring the interests of all the people who live in that region, including the interests of Israel.” – Excerpts from a Talk with German and Russian Media, 7 April 2002
The Concept Of “Broader Europe” Must Include Israel:
“I think a lot of time will be required for all the European countries to realize and become conscious of the need for a “broader Europe”, which would include your country as a key partner. If we really want to be influential players in international relations, if we want to play a role in the world’s future, ensuring its prosperity and security we must understand that the united Europe that includes Russia with its 150 million citizens, will contribute to our economic growth and will strengthen our military potential. We should also think about the Balkan countries and other candidate countries, for example, Turkey. I think that the European future must also include Israel. This is the path on which we have embarked. I have confidence in this path.” – Transcript of a Plenary Session of the Russia-European Union Summit, 31 May 2003 (of note, free trade talks between the Eurasian Economic Union And Israel have recently resumed)
Russia “Always Discusses” Syria And Iran With Israel, People “Do Not Need To Ask In (The) Future [Whether They] Discussed These Questions Or Not”:
“We discussed today the issues of arms supplies to Syria and the Iranian nuclear programme. We always discuss these issues when we meet with the Israeli leadership. You do not need to ask in future, did we discuss these questions or not. We always discuss them. The question is one of we say and what views we exchange.” — Press Statement and Answers to Questions Following Talks with President of Israel Moshe Katsav, 28 April 2005
Russia Keeps Israel Updated On Its Ties With Iran At Tel Aviv’s “Request”:
“At Mr. Olmert’s request, Mr. Putin also spoke about the results of his recent visit to Tehran, where he took part in the second summit of Caspian states and held talks with the Iranian leadership.” — Vladimir Putin met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert during Russian-Israeli talks, 18 October 2007
Ahmadinejad Should Have “Avoided A Wording That Could Be Improperly Quoted Or Interpreted Differently” When He Spoke Of Israel Vanishing From The Pages Of Time, And That “Iranian Threats Towards Neighboring Countries, Especially Israel…Are Absolutely Unacceptable”:
“Vladimir Putin: A response to your question could take hours. It’s so complex. I will try to be as concise as possible. First, I have repeatedly voiced Russia’s official stance – Iran has the right to a peaceful nuclear program and it cannot be singled out for discrimination. Second, we need to be aware that Iran is located in a very challenging region. I have told our Iranian partners about that. That’s why Iranian threats made towards neighbouring countries, in particular, Israel, threats that Israel can be destroyed, are absolutely unacceptable. This is counterproductive.
Oksana BOYKO: This is not a proper quote of the Iranian president.
Vladimir Putin: It doesn’t quite matter whether it’s a proper quote or not. It means it’s best to avoid a wording that could be improperly quoted or could be interpreted differently. That’s why the focus on Iran does have a reason behind it.” – Visit to Russia Today television channel, 11 June 2013
President Putin at a news conference
Russia Will Aid The “Normalisation Of Relations” Between Iran And Israel, But That “It Is Impossible To Move Ahead” Unless Moscow Helps “Maintain The Security Of All Nations In The Region, Including Israel”:
“Here I believe we should jointly identify what is in the way of normal relations between Iran and Israel. I think that we should not only bear in mind everything that hinders the normalization of relations between the two states, but we need to analyze all the aspects and minimize the negative side of this process. This is in the interests of Iran, I am sure this is also in the interests of Israel and the entire international community. When I recently spoke in my Address [to the Federal Assembly] of the progress we have made regarding Iran, you may have noticed that I said we should maintain the security of all the nations in the region, including Israel. This is an important aspect, without which it would be difficult, even impossible to move ahead.” – News conference of Vladimir Putin, 19 December 2013


Russia’s Federal Intervention In Chechnya Prevented Terrorists From Traveling To The Mideast And Waging War On Israel:
“One of the militants’ chieftains, Shamil Basayev, said recently that he was planning to send 150 of his gunmen to the area of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Imagine 150 top-notch experts in ambushing, mining, hostage-taking, and torture of prisoners. It is not the number of gunmen but the fact that they would lend a totally different character to the conflict. If I may ask you a counter question: if we had not launched a counter-terrorist operation in the region, how many of his men would Basayev have threatened to send to the conflict area? And how far would he have gone in his plans of expansion?” – Interview with the French Newspaper Le Figaro, 26 October 2000
Israel Provides A “Good Example” Of “How To Deal With Terror” After its “Decades Of Suffering” From It And “Is An Element Of Stability In The Middle East, And Hence In The Whole World”:
“First of all, I would like to say that the way the Israeli Government and the whole society in Israel deal with terror is a good example of how policy in this sphere should be designed. And I think that policy has grown out of the decades of suffering endured by the Israeli people. In resolving political issues you can have political contacts with anyone. But there should be no negotiations with terrorists.
Terrorists perceive any negotiations with them as a sign of weakness and are encouraged to try to use terror to achieve political goals. That cannot be tolerated. I think international cooperation in this sphere is a must. I think the Russian public understands that we must and will cooperate with Israel in this field. And it is no secret for the public in Israel either. The reasons for such cooperation are clear and it is justified.
The international significance of terrorism was highlighted by the fact that quite recently a leader of the terrorists operating in Chechnya called publicly through the mass media for the extermination of the Jewish people…Let me remind you that the Soviet Union was one of the initiators and supporters of the creation of the State of Israel. Today Russia believes that Israel is an element of stability in the Middle East, and hence in the whole world.” — Answers to Questions at a Joint Press Conference with President Moshe Katsav of Israel, 23 January 2001
Palestine Must “Put An End To Terrorist Actions” & “Develop On A Democratic Basis”, And The World Must “Ensure The Security Of The Jewish State Of Israel And Its Citizens”:
“As for the overall situation, we believe that it is necessary, on the one hand, to do everything to put an end to terrorist actions, to allow the Palestinian state to develop on a democratic basis and to ensure the security of the Jewish state of Israel and its citizens.” — News Conference after the G8 Summit, 28 June 2002
Russia Will Never “Violate Any (Regional) Balance” Against Israel Through Its Arms Sales To Syria, And Will Ensure That All Shipments “Cannot Be Unnoticeably Handed Over To Terrorist Organizations”:
“He then asked me about possible deliveries of serious rocket equipment, including to Syria, which really could cause concern in Israel and reach the territory of Israel from dislocation points in Syria. We refused this deal because we do not want to violate any balance, however fragile it may be, that exists in the region. As for the deal that was signed with Syria and will be realized, this concerns close-range anti-rocket systems. These systems can attack air targets in visible range. Furthermore, these systems are set on vehicles, and they cannot be unnoticeably handed over to terrorist organizations. Furthermore, our military has the right to control and inspect them in places they are stored and stationed.” — Interview with Israeli Television Channel One, 20 April 2005
Russia And Israel Agree That Terrorism Is “The Most Dangerous Challenge Facing Humanity”:
“The declaration affirms, in particular, the two signatory countries’ intention to develop their cooperation in the fight against modern threats and challenges. Russia and Israel unequivocally condemn as criminal and without justification all terrorist acts, methods and practices, no matter where and by whom they are carried out. Russia and Israel consider terrorism one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous challenge facing humanity.
 Both countries are certain that the fight against terrorism, which is not linked to any one particular ethnic group or religion, requires consistent and decisive action on a comprehensive and long-term basis. Both sides will continue to work actively together in the uncompromising fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.” — President Vladimir Putin and Israeli President Moshe Katsav signed a Joint Russian-Israeli Declaration following their talks, 28 April 2005
President Putin Will Award “The Medal For Services To The Fatherland” To Anyone Who Brokers A Russian-Israeli Fighter Plane Deal:
“Now, for the “sweetest” part of your question – the possibility of selling Russian aircraft to Israel. If you could help us sign contracts with Israel for the sale of fighter planes worth, say, a couple of billion dollars, I would give you the Medal for Services to the Fatherland.” – Press Statement and Answers to Questions Following Talks with President of Israel Moshe Katsav, 28 April 2005
“Russia And Israel Should Improve Coordination Of Their Efforts In The Fight Against Terrorism, Extremism And Ethnic Intolerance”:
“Mr. Putin expressed his confidence that the victory celebrations on May 9 would become another symbol of the international community’s unity in the fight against the threat of terrorism. There can be no place for xenophobia, chauvinism or religious intolerance in the twenty-first century. Mr. Putin noted that the agreements reached with the Israeli leadership during his visit will help to resolve this problem in Russia, for which, as a multiethnic state, any manifestations of nationalism have a destructive effect.” — Russia and Israel should improve coordination of their efforts in the fight against terrorism, extremism, and ethnic intolerance, 28 April 2005
Following The 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War, Russia Reaffirmed Its “Long-Term Interests” In Israel And The Importance Of “Protecting [Its] Civilian Population…From Terror”, As Well As Cooperating With It Against “Threats Such As Terrorism, Extremism, Ethnic Intolerance And Local Conflicts”:
“There can be no doubt that stable bilateral relations are in the long-term interests of both Russia and Israel, and that strengthening these relations will contribute to ensuring regional and international stability. Our countries are united in their desire to combat the threats of the twenty-first century, threats such as terrorism, extremism, ethnic intolerance and local conflicts. The only way to break out of the vicious circle of violence is to end mutual accusations, free the hostages and resume peaceful negotiations. It is extremely important to protect the civilian population of Israel and its neighbours from terror.” — Press Statements following Russian-Israeli Talks, 18 October 2006
Russia “Strongly Condemns” The 2012 Terrorist Attack Against Israeli Tourists In Bulgaria That Was Reportedly Carried Out By Hezbollah:
“Vladimir Putin sent a telegram expressing his condolences to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu following a terrorist attack in Bulgaria, strongly condemning the criminal act.” — Condolences to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, 19 July 2012 (details of the incident are available here)
It Was A “Barbaric Act Of Terrorism” For Palestinians To Kidnap And Kill The Three Israeli Teenagers Whose Murder Sparked “Operation Protective Edge”:
“Please accept my profound condolences following the atrocious murder of three Israeli teenagers. We resolutely condemn this barbaric act of terrorism and we hope that the organizers and perpetrators will be caught and receive the punishment they deserve. I ask you to pass on my words of sincere sympathy and support to the victims’ families and the entire Israeli people.”  — Vladimir Putin sent his condolences to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, 1 July 2014 (later that month Israel commenced “Operation Protective Edge” in response)
President Putin meets with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel Is Russia’s “Unconditional Ally” Against Terrorism:
“We also talked about the need to join ranks in countering international terrorism. Israel knows first-hand how to fight terrorism, and, in this sense, we are unconditional allies. Our countries have considerable experience in combatting extremism. We will continue strengthening contacts with our Israeli partners in this area.” — Statements for the press and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Israeli talks, 7 June 2016
It’s A “Terrorist Attack” For Palestinians To Ram Trucks Into IDF Troops:
“Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu following a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.” — Condolences to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, 8 January 2017 (details of the incident are available here)
Russia And America Put Aside Their Differences In Order To “Maintain Stable Cooperation…On Many Issues, Including The Southern De-Escalation Zone (In Syria), Where Israeli…Interests Are Also Present”:
“I have to note that other countries, including the United States, are greatly contributing; even though they are not participating in the talks in Astana directly, they are influencing these processes behind the scenes. We maintain stable cooperation with our American partners in this sphere, on this track, even though not without disputes. However, there are more positive than negative elements in our cooperation. So far, we have managed to agree on many issues, including the southern de-escalation zone, where Israeli and Jordanian interests are also present.” – Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, 19 October 2017


President Putin Has “Many Personal Ties With People Who Live In Russia And Israel”, Including A “Major Political Figure” In The Latter:
“I have many personal ties with people who live in Russia and in Israel. One of them became a major political figure in Israel…” – Opening Remarks with Representatives of US Business Circles, 23 September 2003
Israel “Strives For Peace” And Has “Suffered A Great Deal Over The Last Decades”:
“Mr Prime Minister, I think that we will have a chance to talk in more detail about the situation in the Middle East. We know that Israel strives for peace. The Jewish people have suffered a great deal over the last decades.” — Opening Remarks at a Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 3 November 2003
The USSR’s Bad Ties With Israel “Were Not To The Benefit Of…The Soviet Union”:
“Russia and Israel have special relations, I believe. The Soviet Union was one of the founders of the state of Israel, when as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, in the post-war period, it actively supported the creation of the state of Israel. Later, during the cold war, everyone knows how relations between the countries developed, and these relations were not to the benefit of Israel or the Soviet Union, in my opinion.” — Interview with Israeli Television Channel One, 20 April 2005
Russian-Israeli Relations Have “Reached A Completely New Level”, Partially Because Of The Former Soviet Diaspora:
“I would like to start by saying how pleased we are to see you here on precisely this day – the day that marks 15 years since the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia. Relations between the Russian Federation and Israel have reached a completely new level over recent years. They have become more trusting. We have fundamentally changed our attitudes toward our compatriots. We consider those who left Russia and the former Soviet republics to take up permanent residence in Israel as our compatriots. Today we think, not without reason, that they are a major resource in further improving the relations between our two countries.” — Beginning of Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert, 18 October 2006
Ariel Sharon Was An “Outstanding Statesman And Military Commander” Who “Upheld The Interests Of Israel”, “Enjoyed International Respect”, And Was “A Consistent Supporter Of Friendly Relations” With Russia:
“Vladimir Putin sent a message of condolences to Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on the passing of the former Prime Minister of Israel, an outstanding statesman and military commander Ariel Sharon. The President of Russia highly praised Ariel Sharon’s personal qualities, his activity to uphold the interests of Israel, noting the respect he enjoyed among his compatriots and internationally.
Mr Putin stressed that Ariel Sharon will be remembered in Russia as a consistent supporter of friendly relations between Russia and Israel, who made a significant contribution to expanding mutually beneficial cooperation. Vladimir Putin conveyed his words of sympathy and support to Ariel Sharon’s family and the entire nation of Israel.” — Condolences on the death of Ariel Sharon, 11 January, 2011
Russia And Israel Share “Common Humanitarian Values” And “It Is In Russia’s National Interests To Secure…Peace And Order For The People Of Israel”:
“We fought Nazism together – I want to emphasise that we really fought together. This means that we have common humanitarian values – this is the sturdiest foundation for cooperation…It is in Russia’s national interests to secure peace and order in the Middle East, peace and order for the people of Israel. It is no accident that the Soviet Union was among the initiators and supporters of the creation of the state of Israel.” — Meeting with President of Israel Shimon Peres, 25 June, 2012
Israeli President Shimon Peres shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin
Israeli President Shimon Peres shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Israeli leader’s Jerusalem residence on June 25, 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel
Russia And Israel Are In A “Multifaceted Partnership” That Even Extends Into “Space Exploration” And “Satellite Communications Systems”:
“This visit to Israel has once again reaffirmed for me that the strong ties of friendship binding our countries and peoples are not just words, but are a real and solid foundation upon which we are building fruitful political dialogue, a multifaceted partnership, successful bilateral cooperation and work together to help resolve the biggest issues facing the world…We have agreed to expand our cooperation in space exploration. Russian rockets will carry Israeli spacecraft into orbit, and our specialists are developing satellite communications systems for our Israeli partners.” — Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, 25 June, 2012
President Putin Congratulated Shimon Peres For “Strengthening Humanitarian, Scientific And Educational Ties Between Our Countries”:
“I would also like to congratulate the President of Israel on being awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Mr President, this title is in recognition of your contribution to strengthening humanitarian, scientific and educational ties between our countries.” – Statements for the press following Russian-Israeli talks, 8 November, 2012
The USSR “Was The First Country To Recognize The State Of Israel” And “A Solid Foundation Of Trust And Understanding” Has Since Developed:
“Mr Netanyahu’s visit was timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of restoring Russian-Israeli diplomatic relations. Of course, our relations actually extend further back in history: we established diplomatic relations in 1948, and the Soviet Union was the first country to recognise the state of Israel at the time. We noted in our statement today that in the quarter-century since restoring diplomatic relations we have developed our cooperation in a dynamic and productive way. We have a solid foundation of trust and understanding to rely on as we make plans for the future.” — Statements for the press and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Israeli talks, 7 June, 2016
Israel Is A “Key Country In The Mideast” That Has An “Historical Relationship” With Russia:
“We in Russia think highly of our contacts with Israel — not only because Israel is a key country in the Middle East, but also because of the historical relationship between our nations.” — Beginning of meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, 7 June, 2016
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