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Left tries and fails to debunk Muslim Brotherhood memo outlining subversion of US


Die Psyche der messerstechenden Muslime – Oder: die Fehlinterpretation des Koran?

Nobel Laureate in Physics; "Global Warming is Pseudoscience"

Pew Pew! New Telescope Shoots Powerful Laser at Saturn

Vera Lengsfeld: Hat Deutschland noch eine Chance?


Eva Herman im Gespräch mit Vera Lengsfeld und Andreas Popp Viele haben die offensichtliche Unterwanderung der CDU durch die alte SED-Funktionärin Angela Merkel bis heute nicht erkannt. Sie träumen immer noch von der alten, christlich-konservativen Partei. Doch es wird immer deutlicher: Bei manchen CDU-Politikern sind bereits linksextreme Tendenzen erkennbar, so Vera Lengsfeld. Die schnell wachsende linksfaschistische Antifa wird offenbar indirekt finanziert von verschiedenen Bundesministerien. Die Karriere Angela Merkels lief erstaunlich glatt, die recht uncharismatische Politikerin kam in sämtliche Positionen nahezu problemlos hinein, während ihre Konkurrenten meist geschlagen auf der Strecke blieben. Welcher Einfluss wirkte hier jeweils geheimnisvoll? Dabei ist Merkel der CDU offenbar niemals beigetreten Was steckt wirklich hinter „Kohls Mädchen“? Wie kommt es, dass all jene politischen Kritiker, die sich über Merkel je mokierten, nicht mehr im Amt sind? Wer steht hinter der offenbar zu allem entschlossenen Bundeskanzlerin? Warum benutzt Merkel den Begriff Bürger nicht mehr, sondern spricht jetzt von Menschen, wenn sie das Volk meint? Ist der selbstbewusste Bürger von Merkel nicht mehr gewollt? Warum werden Massenpetitionen nicht mehr angenommen, sondern landen meist im Papierkorb? Warum wird über die regelmäßigen Anti-Merkel-Demonstrationen kaum mehr berichtet? Gibt es heute eine ähnliche Chance auf einen Regimewechsel bzw. Umsturz wie 1989? Warum nutzt das heutige Merkel-Regime die ursprünglich DDR-spezifische Begriffskombination „Hass und Hetze“ wieder, um auch kritische und zivilcouragierte Bürger pauschal mundtot zu machen? Welche Zukunftsprognose stellt Vera Lengsfeld für Deutschland? (Bei Minute 43 erwähntes Video zur Umgestaltung der Bundeswehr durch mehr Migranten, mehr sexuelle Orientierungen, mehr Behinderte, mehr Vielfalt und mehr Political Correctness:

US Hurricane Watch, Atmospheric Electricity | S0 News Sep.30.2018

Austria: Muslim migrant brutally attacks three elderly women, seriously injuring them

Frankreich: Notärzte tragen jetzt kugelsichere Westen

Greece: Migrants Throw Food Onto The Street Because They Don't Like It

Asylant will kein Fahr Ticket kaufen

Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions


Most people have heard of the “mind/body connection” and are aware that emotions affect the way people act. However, few can describe how that works. What is relatively new is our understanding that emotions are stored in and around the body as magnetic fields. Not only do these magnetic fields cause the biochemical effects noted above, but they also block the flow of voltage in the associated muscle battery packs that provide the voltage necessary for organs to function and repair themselves. He will discuss the human body’s battery packs, wiring system, and the physics of how our electronic systems are affected by these emotions. In addition, he will discuss how other magnetic fields and scalar energy can be used to erase these emotions, leaving behind only memories that do not disrupt our health and physiology. Dr. Jerry Tennant is board certified in ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic surgery (residency, Harvard Medical School and Southwestern Medical School.) He was the director of ophthalmic plastic surgery clinic at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and practiced from 1965 to 1995. He did much of the FDA study for the VISX Excimer laser and performed approximately 1000 surgeries in the United States and Europe. In addition, Dr. Tennant was the founder/director of the Dallas Eye Institute and one of the first surgeons in the US to place intraocular lenses in eyes after cataract surgery and taught these techniques around the world. He holds patents for medical devices including intraocular lenses and several surgical instruments. While licensed in Arizona by the Board of Homeopathic and Alternative Medicine, Dr. Tennant is currently the Director of the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine.

The Pentagon Is Building Technology Allowing Troops To Control Machines With Their Minds

Wachs-Eier, Plastik-Reis, Gel-Shrimps … Diese Lebensmittel können Sie umbringen

Can Vaccine Ingredients Cause Cancer? - Dr. Robert Scott Bell

5G Technology is Coming – Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Death


Sigmund FraudStaff Writer
Waking Times
“If he can only perform good or only perform evil, then he is a clockwork orange—meaning that he has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil.” ~Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange
When they lock you up in a mental institution three things happen: your physical freedom is taken away, your health freedom is taken away, and you’re stuck with crazy people.
Trying to understand today’s society is an exercise in madness, it just doesn’t make sense, unless you buck the indoctrination into high-minded concepts like democracy, freedom, justice, and liberty. These things should mean something extraordinary and noble, but the concepts have been commandeered for use as propaganda. They’ve become diluted by corruption and are now devoid of their true meaning. They now serve more to limit our ability to see things for what they really are, than to provide us with a playing field on which to create and prosper freely in life.
In truth, though, the world in which we have today is profoundly sick. Dr. Sebi, a natural health physician and plant-based diet advocate was heavily persecuted by the medical establishment for criticizing and providing alternatives to the medicine for profit paradigm.
Dr. Sebi understood that many of the institutionalized ways of being in our culture amount to insanity.
“A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge profits is not a real society but a huge mental asylum.” – Dr Sebi
And he’s right, isn’t he? Why would a sane person withhold a cure from another human being?
But our culture does this with all things beneficial and good. Especially in the medical field. For example, we know a plant-based diet can reverse diabetes in as little as thirty days, but anti-diabetic medicines have become a $72 billion a year and rising niche market.
It’s insanity, but everyone else is going along with it, and so we have to acknowledge that we’re stuck here on this beautiful blue rock in space with a bunch of crazy people.
The Oxford dictionary defines insane for us:

adjective: insane
  1. 1.
    in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
    “certifying patients as clinically insane”
    • (of an action or quality) characterized or caused by madness.
      “charging headlong in an insane frenzy”
    • in a state of extreme annoyance or distraction.
      “a fly whose buzzing had been driving me insane”
    • (of an action or policy) extremely foolish; irrational or illogical.
      “she had an insane desire to giggle”
One of the great sages of our time, Jiddu Krishnamurti, also knew just how crazy this place is. But he warned us not to make it feel like home, not to get too cozy with it, not to get too adjusted and domesticated by it all.
“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti
Nearly all of the serious problems we have in the world have tangible, practical solutions, yet so many of these solutions are repressed or rolled out ridiculously slowly under manipulation by entrenched industries. Clean energy technologies, permaculture, biodegradable materials, psychedelics, natural cures… you name it.
And if you ignore this madness, you’re engaging in cognitive dissonance. Which is a sort of layman’s cure for the psychic discord we naturally get for not stepping up and taking control of our own lives. For allowing others with money on the line to tell us what’s best for us.
But fret not, this information is meant to empower you.
So often, as human beings do, we need to be startled before we spring into action to save ourselves. It’s in our nature. And this information is part of that wake-up call. The message is simple. You have extraordinary control over your health and wellness, if only you will take control and stop deferring to a system that is prioritized around sales and stock gains.
Otherwise, you’re just another crazy person in an insane world.

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About the Author
Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind. Follow Sigmund on Facebook here.
This article (Do We Really Live in an Elaborate Mental Asylum?) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Sigmund Fraud and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Trump Hosted 5G Summit, Wants It Deployed FAST!

Muslim leader vows Islamic conquest of US, UK, Russia, France, Italy

Greece In Weather Warfare Crosshairs, Again; Manufactured 'Medicane;' Waterspout Or Suction Hose?

16-Year Old Went On Stabbing Spree - Hint: He Is Not A Buddhist

Max Igan / A Truth That Most Refuse To See

Why an Anti-Fungal Diet is Key for Cancer Prevention | Dr. Roby Mitchell

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The Real Ragnar Lothbrok // Vikings Documentary

Indonesia: Yesterday's & 2004 Earthquake & Tsunami; 2004 - Signs Artificially Induced

Wg. Kopftuch: Massenschlägerei an öffentlicher Schule

Video shows U.S. sailors attacked by Turkish mob

Links Faschismus In Deutschland

Robbery Of Apple Store In Fresno

EU-Neuwagen = Abhörstationen (eCall)? - sowie ein schockierender Blick nach China

Messerspiele in Ravensburg

Death Toll Soars, Meteor Showers, Space Weather | S0 News Sep.29.2018

Shooting a Laser at a Planet, But Not To Blow it Up

Nigerianische Krankheit „Affenpocken“ verbreitet sich zum ersten Mal in Großbritannien

80% of Russians Will Have State-Gathered 'Digital Profiles' by 2025, Official Says

Number of Russians Applying for U.S. Visas Abroad Skyrockets

NC & SC Flooded & Toxic, EPA Evacuates, Millions Of $ To Spray Monster Mosquitoes

Wenn die Realität von morgen die Satire von gestern einholt? #Merkel schafft das?

Ins Hirn Geschissen

The New Normal: Taking A Stroll With A Machete

Messerangriff In Ravensburg

STOPP JETZT!! Der UNO-Migrationspakt ist eine Gefahr für uns alle!


September 2018: Dieses Abkommen hat „die sichere, geordnete und reguläre Migration“ zum Ziel und soll es ermöglichen, dass Migranten, ungeachtet ihrer Qualifikationen der Zugang zum Wunschland deutlich erleichtert wird. Es sollen legale Routen geschaffen, eine Medienzensur zur ausgewogenen Berichterstattung eingeführt, bereits im Heimatland Sprachkurse des Ziellandes angeboten, der Familiennachzug deutlich erleichtert und auch der Geldtransfer ins Heimatland Vergünstigen. werden. Mehr hier: Unterzeichnen hier: *Der Einfluss der internationalen Großkonzerne auf den Globalen Migrationspakt der UNO: Video:

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Facebook reports security breach affecting 50 million users

What the media didn't tell you from the 3SI Summit


Most of the negative things you may think about the media are not just absolutely true, but may indeed be modest in comparison to how terrible most of the media actually are. That's been thoroughly reconfirmed to us here at Freedom Alternative with the occasion of the third edition of the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Bucharest on September 17 and 18. Important facts from the Summit remained entirely uncovered in the media solely because most of the journalists present didn't even bother to ask around about them, let alone broadcast them. Thankfully, this time we were there too so at least some of the record can be corrected. So here's a video where I'll give you the rest of the facts alongside with a long-ish appraisal of the current state of European media. Let's explore!

Kenya: Muslim mob screaming “Allahu akbar” stones three Christians to death

Netherlands: Seven Muslims arrested for plotting “major terror attack with suicide vests, assault rifles, car bombs”

M7.5 & Tsunami Strike Palu Indonesia

Val-d’Oise : un adolescent lynché par une bande rivale

Major Hurricane Alert, Earthquakes Return | S0 News Sep.28.2018

Byblos: Giant Kings and the Egyptian Connection in Ancient Lebanon


To date, there are at least 53 known international scientific studies concluding that fluoride consumption is harmful to the development of intelligence in children, it impairs their learning and memory capacity. Children are commonly exposed to fluoride from municipal water supplies, dental treatments, environmental pollution, and in-utero.
Municipal water fluoridation is a state-mandated pharmacological intervention that ostensibly aims to fight dental fluorosis, but this claim is highly contested, and a growing body of research indicates that water fluoridation is linked to lower IQ in children. Medication without consent is a human rights violation.
In 2017, former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, Ph.D. noted:
“The significance of this peer reviewed risk analysis is that it indicates there may be no actual safe level of exposure to fluoride. Groups of children with lower exposures to fluoride were compared with groups having higher exposures. Those with higher exposures performed more poorly on IQ tests than those with lower exposures.” ~Former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, PhD
Here is a sampling of some of the shocking conclusions from these studies, as documented by The Fluoride Action Network, where a full breakdown on these studies, as well as comments about study methodologies and locations, may be found.
“Chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride in water was observed to be associated with lower intelligence quotient.” ~IQ Study #41: Nagarajappa (2013)
“School children residing in an area with higher than normal water fluoride level demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence when compared to school children residing in areas with normal and low water fluoride levels.” ~IQ Study #47: Sebastian (2015)
“[C]hildren residing in areas with higher than normal water fluoride level demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence and moderate [dental fluorosis]. Millions of children including adults around the world are affected by the higher level of fluoride concentration through their drinking water and are therefore potentially at risk. It is concluded that for the benefit of the future generation, urgent attention should be paid on this substantial public health problem.” ~IQ Study #50: (Das 2016)
“[S]tudents of the study area have less IQ than students of a non-contaminated area, demonstrating that consumption of F also has a major role with the intellectual development of
children.” ~IQ Study #49: Mondal (2016)
“The data from this research may support the hypothesis that excess fluoride in drinking water has toxic effects on the nervous system.” ~IQ Study #48: Khan (2015)
“Fluoride in the drinking water was significantly related with the IQ of children. Along with fluoride, mother’s diet during pregnancy was also found to be significantly related with IQ of children.” ~IQ Study #46: Kundu (2015)
“Results of our field study raise a concern about the safety of elevated systemic exposure to fluoride from high concentrations in the drinking water.While topical fluoride treatment confers benefits of reducing caries incidence, the systemic exposure should not be so high as to impair children’s neurodevelopment especially during the highly vulnerable windows of brain development in utero and during infancy and childhood and may result in permanent brain injury.” ~IQ Study #45: Choi (2015)
“Exposures to fluorine and arsenic are deleterious to the development of intelligence and the development of growth in children” ~IQ Study #43: Bai (2014)
“We observed reduced AChE activity in [the high fluoride area] which may be directly correlated [d] with the reduced intelligence score of the subjects.” ~IQ Study #40: Singh (2013)
“The study found that children residing in a region with a high drinking water F level had lower IQs compared to children living in a low drinking water F region (p<0.001). The differences could not be attributed to confounding educational, economic, social, cultural, and general demographic factors.” ~Karimzade (2014)
“This study indicates that exposure to fluoride is associated with reduced intelligence in children.” ~IQ Study #36: Saxena (2012)
“In conclusion, our study suggested that low levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water had negative effects on children’s intelligence and dental health and confirmed the dose-response relationships between urine fluoride and IQ scores as well as dental fluorosis.” ~IQ Study #35: Ding (2011)
“Based on the findings, chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride can be one of the factors that influence intellectual development.” ~IQ Study #34: Poureslami (2011)
“Previous studies had indicated toward decreased Intelligence in children exposed to high levels of fluoride and our study also confirmed such an effect.” ~IQ Study #32: Shivaprakash (2011)
“Findings of this study suggest that overall IQ levels in children’s exposed to high fluoride level were significantly lower than the low fluoride areas.” ~IQ Study #31: Sudhir (2009)
“High exposure to fluoride most definitely has an adverse effect on the development of intelligence in children, in particular on the capability of abstract inference.” ~IQ Study #30: Li (2009)
“This study indicates that exposure to fluoride in drinking water is associated with neurotoxic effects in children.” ~IQ Study #28: Wang (2007)
“In agreement with other studies elsewhere, these findings indicate that children drinking high F water are at risk for impaired development of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #27: Trivedi (2007)
“Exposure to high levels of fluoride is likely to cause a certain level of harm to a child’s level of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #26: Fan (2007)
“Based on the findings of this study, exposure of children to high levels of fluoride may carry the risk of impaired development of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #25: Seraj (2006)
“High fluoride burden has a definite effect on the intellectual and physical development of children.” ~IQ Study #24: Wang (2005)
“The findings of this study thus replicate those of earlier studies and suggest that a real relationship exists between fluoride exposure and intelligence.” ~IQ Study #18: Lu (2000)
“These results show that water improvement and defluoridation can improve the mental and physical development of children in a fluorosis area.“ ~IQ Study #16: Yao (1997)
“The results of the intelligence tests show that a high level of fluoride influences children’s IQ, which is consistent with some previous data. It is worth mentioning that the higher the degree of dental fluorosis, the more negative the impact on the children’s intelligence level. This is an issue which merits utmost attention.” ~IQ Study #15: Yao (1996)
“The results show that a high fluoride intake has a clear influence on the IQ of preschool children, manifesting itself primarily as damage to performance intelligence.” ~IQ Study #13: Wang (1996)
“A high fluoride intake was associated with a lower intelligence.” ~IQ Study #11: Li (1995)
“The results show that the level of intelligence of primary and secondary students from the high fluoride area and that of primary and secondary students from the non-high fluoride area had very significant differences, proving that high fluoride has adverse effects on the mental development of students. The higher the water fluoride is, the lower the level of IQ.” ~IQ Study #7: An (1992)
“The results of this study indicate that there is a significant difference between the intellectual ability of the 7– 14-year-old children from the [fluorosis] endemic area and those of the control, and moreover that the average IQ of the children from the endemic area is clearly lower.” ~IQ Study #4: Chen (1991)

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About the Author
Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.
This article (Read the Shocking Conclusions from 28 Medical Studies Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Childrenoriginally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Pietrowski and

Guy Verhofstadt Calls For US "Intervention" In Hungary | The Authoritarian EU | George Soros

David Whitehead - Belief Systems, Human Potential, The Fabian Agenda, & Warriorship


S y n o p s i s Our lives are governed by our beliefs. Many of them, we may believe to be the truth. Often times these beliefs, can have the potential to create happiness or unhappiness in our lives and the world around us. Two people with the exact same set of circumstances and conditions can have a completely different experience, because of the beliefs they hold. The beliefs which we choose to believe are rarely an absolute truth. Beliefs are usually a relative truth. At times they can feel like they are actually the truth, because of the evidence we have created about them from our lives. This evidence can evolve from the media, society, people around us, personal experience, parents, teachers, and religion. This and a discussion about current world events and solutions.

Grüne Pläne: Autobesitz verboten

Judge Napolitano: Force Of Darkness Among Us; Prepare To Die In a Gov't Town Square

ZDF Heute Show TAKE ONE Nachrichten 27.09.2018

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HIGHLIGHTS: #DeepStateUnmasked: State Department on Hidden Cam, "Resist Everything"

Cannabis Changed This Autistic Toddler's Life Forever

Europe Unveils "Special Purpose Vehicle" To Bypass SWIFT


The Nefarium, European branch, has been busy the past two weeks. And now they want to set up an alternative financial clearing system to the American dominated SWIFT system:

Dana & Ed’s Fight Against Invasive Ductal Carcinoma - Treating Breast Cancer - Cancer Survivor Story

Concentrated Enrichment In London

Preparations for independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church cause tensions

Canary in the Climate Mine, Psycho Stars | S0 News Sep.27.2018

Menschenrechte, Pressefreiheit, Demokratie, Demonstrationsrecht - gilt nur für Linke!

Iraker Schießen Disco Security Nieder

Talking 'Paranormal' Evidence and Skinwalkers | Joshua Cutchin

Geoengineering Conflicts with Agenda 21

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Berliner V Mann soll für 16 Jährigen Reise zum IS organisiert haben

Gerichtsgutachterin: Ghanischer Zeltvergewaltiger ist ein „verwöhnter, verzogener Prinz“ und voll schuldfähig

Solar Tornado Destabilizing, Mars Life, Up Cosmic Rays | S0 News Sep.26.2018

Verfassungsschutz: Zahl der Hinweise auf verdächtige Migranten stark angestiegen

Australia's Approach to Defending its Border

Secret Space Program: Real Evidence. Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure.

Thoughts that need to be expressed

Afghane will mehr Taschengeld und droht Betreuer mit Mord!

Malaysia in Talks to Become First in Asia to Allow Medical Pot

Taxpayers On The Hook For Millions In Losses After Ex-JPM Traders' Leveraged Power Bet Goes Sour

The Norwegian power trader who got caught on the losing end of a 4-sigma move in price spreads is being forced into bankruptcy after liquidating his entire estate. But in the US, two ex-JPM traders who wracked up comparably massive losses have managed to walk away, leaving the end-users and distributors on one of America's largest energy grids holding the bag.
BusinessWeek on Tuesday published a story about GreenHat Energy LLC, an ill-fated power speculator that bought a sizable position in long-dated financial transmission rights. FTRs, as they're more widely known, are an obscure power derivative designed to allow distributors to hedge against sudden spike in transmission costs when parts of the grid are temporarily taken offline (due to inclement weather or some other hazard). Houston-based Greenhat opened the positions via PJM Interconnection LLC, which oversees a wholesale electric grid serving 65 million people between Chicago and Washington, DC.
They are used in deregulated power markets to help energy buyers, generators, and distributors protect against localized price swings. Bottlenecks can sometimes form on the power grid—such as during an ice storm or when a plant goes down—creating what are known as congestion costs. Using an FTR, a big power buyer can get paid when congestion costs rise, offsetting its risk. But it might also end up owing money if there isn’t congestion.
Financial players can buy FTRs, too. Much of GreenHat’s portfolio was “long-dated”—meaning it was betting on transmission-line congestion patterns that wouldn’t start until June 2018. And based on historical patterns, most of those positions initially looked like smart moves, according to PJM. That likelihood of success brought a side benefit to GreenHat: Under PJM rules at the time, it could keep building up its portfolio without having to put up much money as collateral. But GreenHat would have to pay if congestion patterns turned out to differ widely from those in the past.
GreenHat opened its FTR position in 2015. By April 2016, the first signs of a problem had emerged. Around that time, another trader on PJM known as DC energy, one of the largest buyers of FTRs, complained to PJM about rival portfolios with no collateral attached.When PJM approached GreenHat, one of its partners, Andrew Kittell said his firm had offsetting contracts that would pay out more than $62 million should their FTR bet turn sour. PJM mentioned this in one of its filings to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
But as it turns out, that was a lie. Two years later, Greenhat's position was in bad shape, thanks to renovations to transmission lines that reduced congestion. However, instead of cutting their losses, the Greenhat traders doubled down.
By spring 2018, GreenHat’s bets were looking bad. Upgrades had taken place to transmission lines across the Eastern U.S. that promised to lessen congestion on the grid. But instead of closing out its doomed positions, GreenHat did the opposite and doubled down. It bought additional hedges that expanded its PJM portfolio by almost half—while also serving to keep the company’s collateral requirements very low.
When their collateral cushion finally ran out, PJM sent the firm an invoice for $1.2 million that it never paid. Its position was soon declared in default. But since the power exchange lacks a coherent clearing mechanism to absorb the losses of traders who default, PJM was forced to spread the tab around to its other clients - i.e. the rest of us (virtually everybody who uses electricity connected to that grid will pay some of GreenHat's bill in the form of higher electricity prices).
On June 5, GreenHat received an invoice from PJM for $1.2 million to cover losses. It didn’t pay. On June 21, PJM declared GreenHat in default. Losses have continued to mount, according to PJM. The portfolio has more hedges that will probably keep losing money for three years, though it’s impossible to say exactly how much because of changing conditions with transmission lines. And that third party that GreenHat promised would cover losses? The unnamed entity told PJM that it doesn’t owe the firm anything, according to the PJM filing.

Now, members are debating whether changes promised by PJM will be enough to avoid something like this happening again in the future, while some smaller companies relying on PJM's transmission lines will need to pay about $10,000.