Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Time To Stand Up To The COVID 19 Scam! What Are We Doing??

YouTube Censors Viral Video Of California Doctors Criticizing "Stay-At-Home" Order

Gates: Phase 2 - BIOTERROR?

US To Give Israel 'Green Light' To Annex Jordan Valley In 2 Months: Netanyahu

A "Second Wave" Is Coming . . . And They're Going To Blame It On YOU!!

First Negative Oil Prices, Now Sicily Will Pay Tourists To Visit

Plague of corruption removing the mask Corona V pandemic science Dr Judy Mikovits, Kent Heckenlively

The 3 Main Mind Games Played By Narcissists (Psychological Torture Tactics)

Pelosi Pitches Universal Basic Income To Cope With Pandemic

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ernst Wolff erklärt den IWF in 5 Minuten.

Ernst Wolff: Coronakrise, Finanzcrash, Profiteure, die WHO und die Rolle von Bill Gates

Das Grundgesetz ist ein „Besatzungsrecht“

Jeffrey von Eppstein of the Intermediate Bloodlines since ancient times of Eppstein Castle Germany

Google Scientists Are Creating an Artificial Intelligence That Evolves on Its Own

The algorithms mimic principles of Darwinian evolution, namely "survival of the fittest."

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(TMU) — One of the biggest global players in artificial intelligence (AI) is Google and their high-tech Brain division has been pushing the envelope for years.
Now scientists working for their AutoML project have a new paper in which they claim to be developing algorithms that can evolve on their own without human input. Even more stunning is their claim that they can induce “mutations” into new generations of algorithms, which mimics principles of Darwinian evolution, namely “survival of the fittest.”
The team started with one of the most basic ideas in modern AI: machine learning. Machine learning tools allow us to use algorithms to search through massive troves of data and quickly identify patterns. But the traditional problem with this method is the element of human bias.
As the team paper states: “human-designed components bias the search results in favor of human-designed algorithms, possibly reducing the innovation potential of AutoML. Innovation is also limited by having fewer options: you cannot discover what you cannot search for.”
To bypass this problem, the team wanted to develop a system by which AI can grow on its own.
The team used simple math equations to develop machine learning algorithms that author 100 “candidate algorithms.” These candidates compete using basic machine learning tools like neural network image differentiation tests and the best-performing algorithms then mutated, or evolved, via random code alteration.
The system can cull through tens of thousands of algorithms each second in search of a solution while dismissing “evolutionary dead-ends” and duplicates. Over multiple generations, the process grows a library of high-performance algorithms. According to the Google team, these new algorithms have already reproduced decades worth of human-led AI discoveries in only days.
Perhaps most astonishingly, the new AI algorithmic evolution is able to eliminate the problem of human bias that is often introduced during data input. The AutoML-Zero can essentially “automatically discover” unknown algorithms and develop new previously undiscovered AI programs without any human intervention, using only basic mathematical concepts.
Haran Jackson, the chief technology officer (CTO) at Techspert, explains why the new paper is so interesting:
“As exciting as AutoML is, it is restricted to finding top-performing algorithms out of the, admittedly large, assortment of algorithms that we already know of. There is a sense amongst many members of the community that the most impressive feats of artificial intelligence will only be achieved with the invention of new algorithms that are fundamentally different from those that we as a species have so far devised.
“This is what makes the aforementioned paper so interesting. It presents a method by which we can automatically construct and test completely novel machine learning algorithms.”
As noted before, the scientists say the AI programs can improve upon each previous generation, producing a kind of “survival of the fittest” that resembles Darwin’s view of evolution in natural biological systems.
While much testing and review still await the Google team, their new paper, titled “Evolving Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch,” suggests the tantalizing, albeit unnerving likelihood that AI of the future will be designed by other AI machines.
One can only impishly guess at what self-replicating AI algorithms evolving on their own will mean for the future of life on Earth.

How Shutdowns Will Keep Killing The Economy, Even When They're Over

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Berlin: "Hygiene Demo" - Der Geduldsfaden reißt langsam


What is going on in care homes and hospitals?? (Covid 19)


During a recent press conference, the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, Allison Arwady, commented on a city mass vaccination campaign, which she says is already well underway. Chicago has a definite plan, has chosen the locations to vaccinate the public, and has even already purchased syringes.
“…and then finally we’ll be moving towards this mass vaccination campaign, continuing to follow, and I want you to know, the CDPH is already deep in the planning stages around vaccination. We’ve already bought the syringes. We already know where it’s going to happen. We’re thinking about what that’s going to be. It’s all part of this plan.” ~Allison Arwady, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health

  • Arwady has become a reliable face for Chicagoans during the pandemic, frequently appearing alongside Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and regularly hosting live question and answer sessions on Chicago Public Health’s social media pages. She was also recently interviewed by local media and when asked about plans for re-opening, did not mention the vaccination campaign.
    Arwady appears to be very enthusiastic about the vaccine campaign, which is also no surprise, as the general tenor of the growing vaccine conversation is very much matter-of-fact, as though there is no controversy or debate about whether a vaccine is necessary or even safe.
    At present, there is not a vaccine for Covid-19, and many sources have already reported on mutations of the virus, which is one reason why a vaccine for Covid-19 may not even be possible.
    Potential vaccines are being rushed through production and trials as quickly as possible, which will likely lead to the rollout of a vaccine that has not been adequately proven safe or effective.
    Furthermore, whichever pharmaceutical company wins the race to create a vaccine will instantly become insanely rich, as the plan appears to be to vaccinate ‘7 billion healthy people.’
    Given these circumstances, having concerns about taking a Covid-19 vaccine are justifiable, but the really big questions about this are going unasked and unanswered.
    Will the vaccine be mandatory?
    If so, how will it be physically enforced on those who want to opt-out?
    Will the right to work, go to school, worship, shop, travel, drive, and so on, become state-granted privileges dependent on certification of vaccination?
    The answers to these questions could profoundly change the world we live in.
    Here’s the clip of Arwady:

    Chicago is among the largest cities in the U.S., therefore it is assured that other major cities are doing the same, so this really should come as no surprise. It does, however, dismiss all doubt that the mass vaccination campaigns are already in progress, indicating that the government is fully invested in a vaccine as the solution to the pandemic problem.
    About the Author
    Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.
    This article (Chicago Health Commissioner Tells Public a Mass Vaccination Campaign is Underway, ‘We’ve Already Bought the Syringes’originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Pietrowski and

    A Handful Of Cops Are Standing Up To Tyranny With The People

    Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity

    München: Wie man eine Demo zu Tode "genehmigt"

    Chemnitz: Demo verboten. Corona siegt über Grundgesetz

    Friday, April 24, 2020

    Warum die Corona-Impfung sinnlos ist! - Dr. Norbert Kriegisch klärt auf

    The Data Is In... Stop The Panic & End The Total Isolation

    Trillion-Dollar Wealth Fund CEO Apologizes For Scandal That Rocked Norway's Financial Elite

    NZZ: Corona lässt Illusion vom reichen Deutschland platzen – Bürger für Ideologie arm gehalten

    Virginia Police Arrest 30 Alleged Pedophiles in ‘COVID Crackdown’ Operation


    While millions of Americans suddenly find themselves jobless and broke, Bill and Melinda Gates just purchased a $43 million dollar home near San Diego, California, along with an $18 million dollar house in Santa Fe. When he’s not buying extra mansions, Gates is busy appearing on national media discussing his solution to the pandemic.

  • For one of his most revealing conversations of late, Gates recently appeared The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen has also been in the news in recent weeks after being described as ‘one of the meanest people alive’ by actor Kevin T. Porter.

    TV scriptwriter Benjamin Simeon also commented that Ellen's picks someone different’ in the office to hate every day, a sharp turn from her fun and quirky demeanor she presents on camera.
    Bill Gates sat down with Ellen DeGeneres over the internet last week to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and to tell the world that life will not get back to normal until ‘7 billion healthy people’ have taken his soon-to-be-invented vaccine.
    Of course, their tacitly agreed-upon position is that a vaccine is the solution and that there are no other alternatives worth discussing, even though many are reporting that the virus is already mutating and a vaccine may not ever be possible.
    Bill: “…what policies do we have, because until we get almost everybody vaccinated, uh, globally, we still won’t be fully back to normal.”
    Ellen: “…I mean, I can’t even imagine going out to a crowded restaurant or anything in June or July if we don’t have vaccines, how, how do you see us acclimating back into a normal life when we don’t have the cure for this?”
    Bill: “…we need to start getting things back to normal. They won’t be back to normal until we either have that phenomenal vaccine or a therapeutic that’s over 95% effective and so we have to assume that’s going to be almost 18 months from now.” – Bill Gates
    Eighteen months of lockdown would desolate our civil liberties and destroy the economy for years to come, all while substantial money is made from the eventual vaccine, whether or not it works as intended or causes harm to the patient.
    [The economy] won’t go back to normal in some very rapid fashion because not only do we have these factories shut down and all these activities have ceased, even as we start them back up people will still be a bit leery about going out and they will have seen their investments and their job security greatly reduced.” – Bill Gates
    Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and others have for weeks been alluding to a coronavirus vaccine and immunity certificate for everyone, which would ostensibly be required to engage in essential activities such as school, work, and worship.
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding the development of vaccines by supporting leading pharmaceutical companies, and also supporting the development of new technologies such as ‘microneedle technology,‘ which would implant a record of immunization under the skin that can be read by smartphone technology or via infrared light. Numerous multimillion-dollar grants have been awarded to these projects.
    “We want to get into this semi-normal phase whenever we can and then the vaccine is the thing that will change things and that’s why [we need to] figure out how to make sure it’s safe because when you give it to 7 billion healthy people that’s super important.” – Bill Gates
    In contrast to Gates’s foreboding message that lockdowns, required vaccines, and a global economic recession must happen, protests are occurring around the country calling for an opening of the American economy again and a return of our civil liberties which are being rapidly eroded.

    Phillip Schneider is a student as well as a staff writer and assistant editor for Waking Times. If you would like to see more of his work, you can visit his website, or follow him on the free speech social network Minds.
    This article (WATCH: Bill Gates and Ellen Discuss Vaccinating ‘7 Billion Healthy People’ in Order to ‘Return to Normal’) as originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

    Front Row Of The Circus (Exit The Matrix)


    Saturday, April 18, 2020

    Berlin: Polizei beendet vierte "Hygiene"-Demo gegen Corona-Lockdown

    "What's Next... A Train To Dachau?" - Snitching On Social-Distance-Deniers Sparks Outrage Across America

    Zwangs-Psychiatrisierung - Auf dem Weg in die Diktatur? - Dr. Ulrich Werth

    Wer erinnert sich nicht an Gustl Ferdinand Mollath, der 2006 zu Unrecht in die Psychiatrie eingewiesen wurde, weil er Schwarzgeldgeschäften die Spur gekommen war, die bis in die "höchsten" politischen und juristischen Ämter reichte ? Über Jahre wurde er zwangspsychiatrisiert, "Wikipedia" nennt es einen "Irrtum" - tatsächlich aber war es staatliches, bewußt ausgeführtes Unrecht! Dr. Werth hat auf seiner Homepage darüber einen aktuellen Artikel verfaßt:



    While we’re all distracted by news about the coronavirus, lawmakers in Washington are attempting to sneak in one of the most draconian anti-gun bills that the country has ever seen.
    Titled the “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020,” this bill would require all Americans to obtain a license before purchasing a firearm, treating our constitutional right to keep and bear arms as a privilege in which we must first get permission for from the federal government.
  • The bill, introduced on January 30th at the beginning of the pandemic, requires that a person must be 21 years or older to buy a gun, as well as go through a written and field test to “demonstrate safe use of a firearm.”
    The lawmaker's tout that their bill would “require individuals to obtain a license,” “raise the minimum age from 18 to 21 years,” “establish new background check requirements,” and “create a statutory process for a family or household member to petition a court for an extreme risk protection order to remove firearms from an individual,” among other things.
    The purchaser must also hand over a photograph, giving the government valuable facial recognition data. Additionally, the license only lasts for 10 years and gun buyers could have their purchase delayed by up to 40 days before the Attorney General issues it to them.
    The law would also make it illegal for a parent to pass down a gun to their children without going through time-consuming and costly legal hoops first, at threat of fines or jail time.
    In other words, the bill includes everything that the most radical anti-gunners want, short of an outright ban and repeal of the second amendment. It includes new age limits, red flag confiscations, increased taxes on guns and ammunition, an arbitrary ban on nearly all semi-automatic rifles, and the requirement of a federal firearms license.
    While also being what the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) calls“the worst anti-gun legislation that FPC has ever seen,” the bill is illegal both in the letter and spirit of the second amendment.
    “On every question of construction let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted,” said Thomas Jefferson on interpreting the constitution. “Recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning can be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one which was passed.”
    It’s hard to imagine that the founding fathers, after fighting a brutal war for independence and passing the bill of rights specifically to protect the people against government overreach, intended for “shall not be infringed” to mean “it’s okay if the federal government requires me to get a license, provide them with pictures, and pass their safety tests before I can exercise my right to keep and bear arms.”
    Nonetheless, that won’t stop this coalition of 18 congressional Democrats from attempting to force their unconstitutional law on the American people.
    If this bill were to pass, it would place the most draconian federal restrictions on access to firearms in the history of the country.
  • About the Author
    Phillip Schneider is a student as well as a staff writer and assistant editor for Waking Times. If you would like to see more of his work, you can visit his website, or follow him on the free speech social network Minds.
    This article (While America is on Lockdown New Bill Proposes Strictest Federal Gun Control Measures Ever) as originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

    Landlords Are Reportedly Asking Broke Tenants To 'Pay' Rent With Sex

    Saturday, April 11, 2020

    Berlin: Demonstration Wird Aufgelöst

    Corona, Cops & Quarantäne Wann wird Befehlsverweigerung zur Pflicht



    As the United States and the entire world become enveloped in the worst pandemic in a century, many have embraced self-isolating and sheltering in place as a basic responsibility to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. However, for many of the most vulnerable—such as children—home can be the most unsafe place due to domestic violence and abuse
    Nothing is more important for the development of children into well-functioning, responsible, and healthy adults than a secure and nurturing home. But the crisis unleashed by CoViD-19 has posed an acute risk of sexual abuse to children, child advocates told Huffington Post.
  • Since March, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) has noticed a sharp increase in minors reporting sexual violence, according to RAINN President Scott Berkowitz. The rise in sexual abuse coincides with the period in which most state governments implemented shelter-in-place measures.
    Berkowitz said:
    “Last month, for the first time ever, a majority of RAINN’s sexual abuse hotline users were minors.”
    Much of the problem is due to the fact that children who normally rely on other adults as safety insurance against abusers simply can’t escape their homes.
    Berkowitz explained:
    “So many minors are now locked at home with their abuser, in the same house … The safety net that they had―the parents and teachers and coaches that they would see every day who were likely the first people to notice signs of abuse―children no longer have contact with those people right now.”
    Over half of those calling RAINN’s hotline in March were minors under the age of 18. Of those children, 67 percent accused a family member of sexually assaulting them while 79 percent of that group said that they lived with the perpetrator. The group’s victim service programs assist 25,000 people per month, on average.
    supports survivors of sexual assault in the DoD community today and every day. Connect with Safe Helpline anytime, anywhere at  or 877-995-5247
    View image on Twitter
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    The group fears that cases of child sexual abuse will trend upwards as people indefinitely stay at home during the fight to curb the pandemic.
    Over 93 percent of sexually abused children face sexual violence at the hands of someone close to them. While the perpetrators are often older relatives or adults, other children such as siblings or cousins can also be the abuser, according to American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) Executive Director Dr. Janet Rosenzweig. Over one-third of child sexual abuse cases involve a minor committing the abuse.
    Rosenzweig said:
    “By now, people have all heard about the pedophiles that groom children and that’s a very true way to describe adult offenders. But with kids, it’s usually predicated by sexual arousal meeting poor impulse control, and an opportunity.”
    However, with many parents preoccupied with their Zoom meetings and other online home office tasks, potentially abusive minors can often be put in charge of taking care of their younger peers.
    On Tuesday, independent human rights monitors from the United Nations issued an urgent appeal for governments across the world to safeguard the welfare of children who are vulnerable to violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation amid the CoViD-19 pandemic.
    In a statement, Special Rapporteur on the sale and sexual exploitation of children Maud de Boer-Buquicchio said:
    “Globally, confinement measures and the disrupted provision of already limited child protection services exacerbate the vulnerability of children living in psychiatric and social care institutions, orphanages, refugee camps, immigration detention centers and other closed facilities.”
    Additionally, the rights experts warned against online pedophilia, live-streamed sexual abuse, and the distribution of video depictions of child rape—a problem requiring the collaboration of law enforcement and private companies.
    The UN experts added:
    “We should all make significant efforts to support frontline operators in the child protection services, neighborhood and community watchdogs and law enforcement.”
    Q3. Why is it important to use the term “child sexual abuse material” and not “child pornography”?
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    But with state budgets and agencies stretched to paper-thin capacity by the pandemic, child protection services have largely been disrupted and there is very little consistency on a state-to-state level, APSAC officials said.
    For now, advocates are hoping to include provisions that specifically address child protection needs in the next Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act—which won’t be presented to Congress for some time, if ever.
    Kiersten Stewart, the director of public policy and advocacy for Futures Without Violence, told Huffington Post:
     “Additional resources to help vulnerable children and families is our number one ask for the next CARES bill. “
    In the meantime, APSAC head Rosenzweig stressed the need for healthy adults to play a positive role in the lives of children they are close to. She said:
    “If there is a child or parent you love, call those kids and spend a half an hour on the phone or FaceTime. Give the kids another grown-up to talk to.
    If all of us do that, we’re going to give parents a break and we may find a kid out there that needs our help.”
    However, the positive intervention of civil society and social services remain important in addressing the problem. Stressing the importance of a new CARES bill that supports the prevention of sexual violence, Stewart said:
    “There was a mistaken view that if we just handle job loss and health care that it would solve all of the potential child abuse problems and that’s just not true.
    More still needs to be done and it needs to be done intentionally to support families and children.”